Bringing the World-Leading FAMILY INADA Massage Chairs to Australia

Bringing the World-Leading FAMILY INADA Massage Chairs to Australia

When it comes to the world of massage chairs, there’s a name that commands respect and innovation – FAMILY INADA. Japan takes immense pride in being a cultural hub for health products, and FAMILY INADA has carved a niche for itself as the “only one” manufacturer of high-quality, high-performance massage chair therapy.

Since its inception in 1962, FAMILY INADA has been on a relentless journey to perfect the art of healing through therapeutic massage chairs. Their mission is clear – to lead the industry and contribute to society through the promotion of health and well-being. Their founder’s vision, to make a massage chair as ubiquitous as a television or refrigerator in every household worldwide, is a testament to their commitment to cultural health.

The Essence of Massage: Love and Wellness

FAMILY INADA believes that massage is an expression of love. Every massage chair they create is infused with this love, aiming to make people healthier and more physically fit. Their dedication to research and development, both in software and hardware, ensures that their products are not just effective but transformative.

Massage chairs are not merely tools for easing physical stiffness; they also heal the hearts of those who experience their relaxing embrace. In an era where preventive medicine is gaining prominence, massage chairs play a crucial role in maintaining health, even if their significance is not always widely recognised.

With more than 50 years of history, FAMILY INADA has been instrumental in disseminating the massage chair culture worldwide. They firmly believe that massage chairs will continue to play a pivotal role in people’s health, not only in Japan but around the world.

The Ultimate Goal: Surpassing Human Massage Techniques

The pinnacle of massage chair innovation is to surpass the skills of professional human massage therapists. FAMILY INADA has been on a journey to achieve this lofty goal. They’ve meticulously studied the movements of human hands, pioneering mechanisms with first and second finger joints to replicate “massage comfort” that surpasses human touch.

The Vita Body Care Massage Chair by Family INADA

Family Inada Vita Body Care Massage Chair

The Vita Body Care Massage Chair is designed to seamlessly blend into various living spaces, from living and dining areas to bedrooms and Japanese-style rooms. Its compact and lightweight design makes it versatile, and an optional dedicated chair stand enhances its adaptability.

Made in Japan by Innovators

FAMILY INADA’s commitment to innovation and excellence shines through in every aspect of their products. They have dedicated themselves to creating massage chairs that are not only worthwhile but also attractive for every household.

Your Body Care, Your Choice

The Vita Body Care Massage Chair is a reliable and advanced massage chair with AI technology embedded in its mechanisms. Choose from a range of modes to suit your lifestyle and bid farewell to fatigue. Moreover, the Vita Body Care Massage Chair doubles as a luxurious sofa, ensuring every moment of rest is a relaxing one. FAMILY INADA’s unique double-engine mechanism offers tailored massages that cater to your individual needs.

You’ll love the following mechanisms, something that really sets this chair apart from many others in the market:

Back Mechanism (Neck ⇔ Waist) / AI Android Mechanism: The chairs advanced system uses AI to customise massages based on individual characteristics, stiffness, and fatigue levels. It’s like having the world’s best masseuses at your service.

Leg Mechanism (Thigh Base ⇔ Calf/Ankle) / A.I Annular Deep Massaging Mechanism: Equipped with 44 shiatsu points, this mechanism grips your calf over a wide area, promoting lymphatic flow and relieving tension.

Tailored A.I Muscle and Fatigue Detection: FAMILY INADA’s superior A.I technology detects muscle size and stiffness, adjusting massage requirements accordingly. Each massage is precisely calculated, targeting stiff areas with deep, slow motions that transition to lighter, rhythmic massages.

Centripetal and Centrifuging Methods: These techniques promote blood and lymphatic flow, varying the rhythm to match muscle stiffness. The A.I double-engine mechanism uses these methods to reach different areas of the body.

Vita’s Massaging Techniques

  • Morning Session: Promotes systemic blood flow and energises your body, giving you a positive start to the day.
  • Night Session: Focuses on promoting blood and lymphatic flow, aiding recovery from fatigue, and relieving stress.
  • Full Body: Offers a balanced massage for overall improved blood flow.
  • Neck and Shoulders: Ideal for those tired from house and desk work, this mode targets neck and shoulder tension.
  • Upper Body: Firmly massages the neck, shoulders, hips, and back.
  • Lower Body: Perfect for tired feet, this mode massages from the thigh base to the calf and ankles.
  • Soft Mode: Customise the pressure to your liking, ensuring a comfortable massage experience.

At iRelax Australia, we are proud to bring you the incredible Vita Massage Chair by FAMILY INADA. Elevate your well-being and indulge in the epitome of relaxation with this exceptional massage chair. It’s not just a chair; it’s a lifestyle of wellness and rejuvenation.