How to Relieve Calf Pain with 3 Different Types of Massagers

Calf pain can be a real nightmare!

In our experience being a massage goods store, one of the most common issues we come across is the pain people experience in their calves.

These range from muscle spasms, cramps, consistent pain, and tightness.

If you’ve experienced some of these before, or even feel them regularly, then this post might really resonate with you.

Have you ever felt the need to massage your own legs, ask someone else, or have to go to a massage parlour just to have a masseuse give you a massage?

If you’ve answered yes to any of these, then I’ll recommend three products you might want to consider, especially if you’re looking to get rid of calf pain for good.

It’s hard getting a dedicated calf massager, so here are the products which work to massage your calves!

Let’s get straight into it!

Calf Massager Type 1: Massage Guns are Great for Calf Massages

One of the best things that you can do for calf pain is to massage it with a massage gun!

Massage guns are perfect for massaging calves because they do so very fast! With speeds going up to 4200 RPM, you’ll be experiencing super fast massage relief.

Another reason why massage guns are so useful for getting rid of calf pain is because they come with multiple massage heads.

SKG F5 Massage Gun with massage heads

Here are the massage gun heads for our SKG F5 massage gun, which come in with four different heads, one normal ball head, one cone head, one twin head and one axe head.

Let me break down what each one can be used for along the calf muscle.

The Ball Massage Gun Head

This round head looks very much like a ball, and much like a ball, is relatively soft on the muscles. When using this head on the calf, it’s best used at the start of a massage session, or at the end to warm down.

Our recommended movement when using this head is to move it vertically up and down across the entire calf muscle.

The Cone Massage Gun Head

This massage gun head delivers pin point accuracy! It’s the one you choose for nailing the exact calf pain point, however this should only be used once you have warmed up the calf muscles, otherwise it will be painful!

For this head, it’s best to use it right after your muscle is slightly loosened, and aim it right on where it hurts.

The Twin/Axe Massage Gun Head

I’m going to clump these two heads together because you can use either one or the other for how we would recommend using it. These heads are perfect for when you need to help get the blood flowing through your recently massaged pain area.

This step is important to relax, and help start the recovery process of your calves.

We recommend that you use these heads to massage on the area of pain, and around it on your calf.

Calf Massager Type 2: Leg Massagers Also Massage the Calves Well!

Taking a step up from a massage gun, we have a recommendation for those who are looking for ways to get rid of calf pain with the power of airbags!

If you’re not a fan of percussive massage, the type of massage that massage guns deliver, then you might like compression massage, which is what an airbag massage can deliver.

One product we have is the OGAWA Omknee 2 Foot Massager, which doubles as a calf and leg massager.

With the one I tried in store, the main point of a massager like this is to help squeeze the pain out of the legs with compression, and help get blood flowing on a larger scale!

The only downside to a contraption like this is that it will not target specific areas on your legs, unlike a massage gun.

If you’re someone who is interested in airbag massages, then you’re in luck! Compression massages have been proven to help reduce swelling, inflammation, and bring about faster healing.

Calf Massager Type 3: A Massage Chair Can Do It All!

What would this blog post be if I didn’t mention one of our staples at Irelax, our massage chairs!

With full body massage chairs, you can get a calf massage that squeezes your calf just like a leg massager would, while getting a massage in the rest of your body.

But let’s keep this focused to the calves.

The reason why a massage chair is better than a leg massager for massaging the calves is because the calf massager compartment on some massage chair models such as the OGAWA Master Drive AI can move up and down, and be used to press along your calf as you drag it up, unlocking a new type of massage altogether.

Massage Chair Calf Airbag for OGAWA Master Drive AI

Have a look at how the airbags wrap around the legs, it looks like they’re almost being eaten up entirely!

That’s the difference a massage chair can make.

Conclusion: Different Types of Calf Massagers Suit Different Budgets

When it comes down to getting rid of your calf pain, then its important to get something you know you will use at least 2-3 times a week.

Many health professionals recommend having some form of exercise or therapy in the same amount too!

So if you’re looking to treat yourself, then consider one of these three options!
Personally, having a massage chair sounds really nice.

In fact, I’ve even gone in depth about how the airbags on some massage chairs are different from others! If you’re considering a massage chair for its airbags, then I definitely recommend you read this!

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