Will Using a Massage Chair Increase My Flexibility? If So, How?

Massage chairs bring lots of health benefits to whoever uses them regularly, as it provides an easy, consistent way to get the massages you need, and help your body loosen up.

For many people, especially as we get older, we tend to lose the flexibility we once had.

Touching our toes is nearly impossible, and reaching something on the ground is a near nightmare.

So today, we’re going to discuss whether a massage chair can improve our flexibility, how long it might take, and how it does so.

TLDR: Massage chairs, just like massages, are a great way to help loosen the muscles, press against the muscle and push them to stretch them out. This repeated stretching results in increased flexibility, and looser muscles.

Now, let me get into the details, and break it down with some photos and videos!

Can a Massage Chair Increase My Flexibility?

The short answer is yes, it easily can!

Massage chairs, such as the OGAWA Master Drive Plus are quite literally made to help improve both flexibility and circulation.

A massage chair can improve your flexibility on three levels:

  1. By loosening the muscles in between bones and tendons, such as the intercostal muscles in your back
  2. By pressing down on specific muscle groups, such as the calves, arms and shoulders
  3. By stretching your whole body by holding and pulling multiple muscle groups as the same time.

A massage chair can generally do the first and second levels of massage quite easily. This is achieved with the massage rollers which can dig into your body, knead out the knots on the muscles, and help them loosen, allowing them more flexibility.

With the combination of airbags, the massage chair can also press down, squeeze, and thus loosen more muscles in your body.

Finally, some massage chairs, just like the Master Drive Plus, can work to really stretch you out.

Being one of the firmer massage chairs, it uses many massage modes, such as the Thai Massage mode, to really stretch the entire body, even your quads!

Massage chair Thai massage stretch body OGAWA Master Drive Plus

If you’re interested in learning more about what this model can do, then I’ve left a link for you to go and see its product description!

What Other Features of a Massage Chair Help Improve Flexibility?

Massage chairs are designed with improving flexibility in mind, meaning there are other features which can help.

One great part of a massage chair to help improve your flexibility is the heating modes that are often available in any full body massage chair.

As we all know, with heat, our muscles loosen easier. While on its own, heat is not enough to increase flexibility in the long term, the heating features combined with the massage make the massage not only feel better, but helps loosen the muscle much more, and allow the massage roller to help dig in deeper.

Over time, this will be vital in helping improve your flexibility in a short amount of time.

Secondly, there are dedicated massage modes in the massage chair, which are pre-programmed to go through massage motions which help you loosen and relax.

One example which I gave above was the Thai massage mode, which works on your lefts.

However, some other popular massage modes for flexibility which a massage chair might have include:

  • Yoga Stretching Massage
  • Full Body Massage
  • Chinese Massage
  • Morning Massage

Each of these modes work specifically to help improve your flexibility, and will overtime help break down some of the tight spots in your body, and bring back the flexibility you need.

How Long Will It Take to Improve My Flexibility with a Massage Chair?

Speaking of time, it won’t take very long!

Massage chairs should be used on a regular basis, meaning from as little as three times a week to twice a day, you should be getting that massage you need.

Assuming you’re sticking to this, you will feel the immediate effect right after your massage, and increased long terms benefits over three months.

This is because your muscles need time to adjust, and naturally adapt to the pressure of the massage chair.

As your muscles become more loose and flexible, your body will be able to endure higher pressures of massage!

Conclusion: Massage Chairs Are Great for Improving Flexibility

As it should be known, massage chairs are great for improving flexibility.

They’re often the main reason they’re placed in airport lounges!

Imagine having to wait so long, cramped in an airplane with limited leg room to move.

Of course you need a good stretch!

Nothing else works better than a massage chair for that.

But this story rings all too familiar with people who also don’t have the time to go for a massage as often. People have to wait so long to go and see the masseuse, to the point where they forget they even need to go.

I’ve written a blog about why having a massage chair at home is so worth it, so if you’re someone who needs to relax more often, this’ll be a great read.

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    The airport massage chairs are terrible compared to OGAWA massage chairs. I highly suggest irelax to sponsor some OGAWA massage chairs at airport lounges so that people can have a comparison and feel the huge difference.

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