How To Know What Massage Is Best for You! Comparison of the Best 3 Massage Techniques in 2022

Nowadays, there are so many kinds of massage you can get, ranging from Trigger Point massages, Reflexology massages and Shiatsu massages, but how are you supposed to know the difference between them?

This blog’s gonna explain that within a quick 3 minutes to help you know the difference and get what you need.

Massage Technique 1: Trigger Point Massage

The new buzzword for pain targeted massages, a Trigger Point massage is one that focuses on healing injury, soreness, and tightness in muscles. Research shows how trigger point therapy can make help aid recovery and reduce pains in muscles.

It’s quite like a deep tissue massage in the way that therapists will use slower, deeper strokes when targeting the pain area. However, it’s still different by the alternating pressure that is put on the muscle, reaching in deep to target the pain, then drawing it out with lighter pressures.

Benefits of a Trigger Point Massage:
– Gets rid of small muscles
– Gets rid of tightness
– Reduces stiffness
– Reduces recovery times

Massage Technique 2: Reflexology Massage

While as nice as this massage sounds, it doesn’t focus on improving flexibility. What it does do is focus on helping induce relaxation and reduces stress levels, all through your hands and feet!

In comparison to most other massages, this only works your hands and feet. The underlying theory behind reflexology is based in your hands and feet being connected to the rest of your body. It’s the same way how a stone in your shoe can make your entire leg feel sore, we can help target your entire leg through your feet!

If you’re new to massages, or feel uncomfortable being touched by a massage therapist, then this is a great way to break into massages, and still feel relaxed!

Benefits of a Reflexology Massage:
– Quicker than most other massages
– Reduces stress and anxiety
– More calming than most massages
– One of the only massages to target hands and feet

Massage Type 3: Shiatsu Massage

Hailing from Japan and embedded in the daily routine of many people in Japan, the Shiatsu massage is one of the most effective ways to relax after work. It’s so popular that you can find Shiatsu massage chairs in Japanese homes and workspaces to help people relax on break!

In comparison to the first two massage types, the Shiatsu massage takes a routine approach by being gentle and focusing on relaxation and reducing stress. It helps relief anxiety through gentle and firm strokes along the back and legs to soothe your fatigue. This kind of massage benefits from being done on a daily to biweekly basis!

Benefits of the Shiatsu Massage:
– Loosens and relaxes tight muscles
– Increased calmness / reduced stress
– Improved quality of sleep / reduction of fatigue

What massage type is best for me?

Well that all depends on what sort of occasion you’re after.

If you’re in pain from work, and been suffering from cramps or stiff muscles, then a Trigger Point massage is sure to unlock all your muscles and help them loosen.

If you’re afraid of massages, or want to help your hands relax after a whole day typing at the computer, then a reflexology massage is 100% the choice for you!

If you want to relax from the daily struggle of life, take a friend to a massage parlour, or just take a break from everything, then the Shiatsu massage is absolutely perfect.

How do I find a place that does Trigger Point / Reflexology / Shiatsu Massages?

The reality is that it’s hard to find a place that’s closeby for these massages, as most of the massage therapists are in luxury spa resorts. More often than not, we might not have the time to find ourselves able to go there, and we’ll lose more time in traffic and travel than we would for the massage, so what other option is there.

Well, have you ever considered a massage chair?

A massage chair essentially brings the masseuse home and gives you a wide range of massage styles, all in one chair! At Irelax Australia, we not only have massage chairs, but we have ones that make the ones at the airport look old.

This Master Drive Plus Massage Chair features not only Trigger Point and Shiatsu massages, but also includes acupuncture features which help achieve body healing. Massage chairs, in comparison to going for a massage, also have the option of thermotherapy massages, which use heat infusion to completely melt away all the soreness.

There are so many health benefits that come with massages, so you should be able to enjoy that at any time! Don’t compromise on your health and wellbeing and put yourself first!

Check out our large range of massage chairs, and take care of yourself this year!

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