Top 3 Ways Massages Can Alleviate Your Headaches

Introduction: Unveiling the Connection between Massage and Headaches

Headaches, an ailment we all grapple with from time to time, can range from mildly annoying to downright debilitating. As our lives get busier and stress levels increase, the frequency of these headaches tends to follow suit.

In a recent blog, we talked about how so many people around the world are looking for ways to relax and destress. It’s not just you!

While over-the-counter medications can offer temporary relief, wouldn’t it be wonderful to find a natural, drug-free solution? Well, there’s good news – massage therapy may be the answer you’ve been looking for.

Understanding Headaches and Their Common Causes

To better understand how massage can help alleviate headaches, it’s important first to recognise the usual culprits behind this common ailment.

Stress, poor posture, and muscle tension are among the leading causes of tension headaches, the most common type.

Just between you and I, I also have a very poor posture too!

When we’re stressed or sitting in a poor posture, our bodies tend to respond by tensing the muscles around the neck, shoulders, and scalp, resulting in a tension headache.

How Can Massage Help Fix Headaches?

Massage, particularly focusing on the neck, shoulders, and head, can have significant benefits for those suffering from frequent headaches. But how exactly does this work?

Relieves Muscle Tension:

By kneading and loosening tight muscles, massage can alleviate the tension that’s often the root cause of headaches. It targets the muscles around the neck, shoulders, and scalp that typically tighten up when we’re stressed or sitting poorly.

Enhances Circulation:

Massage increases blood flow to the muscles, promoting nutrient and oxygen delivery, which aids in muscle relaxation and tension release. Massage chairs are proven to be helpful for increasing circulation, which helps you relax. This improved circulation can effectively soothe the pain associated with tension headaches.

Promotes Relaxation:

Massage is renowned for its ability to promote relaxation and reduce stress. This relaxation response can help lower the frequency and severity of stress-induced headaches, help produce endorphins, and reduces cortisol in your body.

Massage Chair Stretched OGAWA Cosmo-X

At-Home Massage Techniques for Headache Relief

While professional massage therapy is beneficial, you can also utilise some simple at-home techniques to aid in headache relief. These are especially useful when you need to get relaxation on your way home, or outside somewhere:

Neck Stretches:

Gentle neck stretches can help alleviate tension in the neck muscles. Tilt your head from side to side and rotate it gently to stretch the neck muscles. Please do not try to click your neck either! This might sound nice, but leave that to the professionals.

Temples Massage:

Using your index and middle fingers, gently massage your temples in a circular motion. If you’re struggling to find where your temples are, then the best point of reference is finding your hairline from the side of your eyebrow, and massaging there. This can help reduce tension in the scalp area.

Suboccipital Muscle Massage:

The suboccipital muscles, located at the base of your skull, can often be a source of headache pain. Apply gentle pressure and massage these muscles to help alleviate tension.

The Role of Massage Chairs in Headache Relief

An effective way to reap the benefits of massage in the comfort of your own home is through a high-quality massage chair. These chairs can target key areas known to harbour tension, like the neck and shoulders, promoting relaxation and easing the pain associated with headaches.

A massage chair offers the convenience of a therapeutic massage whenever you need it, helping you maintain a consistent routine for stress and headache management.

You could also consider Head Massagers

Something we don’t advertise often, but still provide is a solid range of head massagers.

A head massager like the iDream 5S holds some of the best massaging techniques for the head. It does this because of its helmet like design.

Personally, I was quite sceptical of the design at first, but after I tried it, I found that it was honestly a really cozy fit. It has a soft inner material that is able to press against your forehead, and the back of your head. It has a soft pressure massage on your eyes that slowly presses in and out. Lastly, it has a warming function which was the last straw for me as I soon dozed off.

Breo iDream 5S Rechargeable Head and Eye Massager

If you need a dedicated head massager, then it is my personal recommendation!

Conclusion: Massage – A Natural Alternative for Headache Relief

Massage therapy can indeed be a beneficial tool in managing and reducing headache frequency and severity. It serves as a natural, drug-free alternative, targeting the root causes of tension headaches – stress and muscle tension.

Whether it’s through a professional massage, at-home techniques, or the consistent use of a massage chair, incorporating massage into your wellness routine can contribute to better stress management and fewer headaches.

Remember, it’s always wise to consult a healthcare professional if your headaches are persistent or severe.

Massage is a tool in your wellness toolbox, offering a non-invasive, soothing, and effective way to combat the pain of headaches.

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