Can a Massage Chair Help Deal with Sciatica Pain? Yes, It Can!

If you’re reading this, chances are that you, or someone else you know deals with sciatica pain. Thus, you already know what sciatica is, allowing me to get straight to the point.

Can a massage chair help with sciatica?

The short answer, yes, a massage chair is great for helping relieve the pain associated with sciatica.

But I’ve got a lot more to add, as well as a massage chair massage routine for someone who suffers from sciatica might use.

So without further ado, let me get started.

TLDR: A massage chair can help alleviate the inflammation and muscle tension associated with sciatica, especially in the lower back, calves and feet. Through the massage chair’s ability to promote blood circulation, support the lower back through massage, and loosen the tension in muscles, many of the pains associated with sciatica can be relieved through a massage chair routine.

Using a Massage Chair Can Reduce the Effect of Inflammation

One of the biggest pains that people often feel with Sciatica is the inflammation they feel. Inflammation around the Sciatica nerve is one of the biggest causes of pain, which leads to swelling, and thus leads to a stronger feeling of pain.

A massage chair helps reduce this pain by promoting more blood circulation in the body. One way of reducing inflammation is to provide more oxygen to the affected cells. Another way of reducing inflammation is to clear the waste products and inflammatory chemicals which are present in the area (Tüfek et al., 2013).

With increased blood circulation, you get the best of both worlds.

A blood circulation massage works on helping the body get the blood circulation it needs by pressing down on your body with airbags, while massage rollers knead and roll along your back.

Massage Chair Circulation Mode OGAWA Master Drive Plus

Here’s the circulation mode from the OGAWA Master Drive Plus Massage Chair, which would be perfect for someone with Sciatica! I personally use the massage chair to help me reduce fatigue, but it can just as easily be used for someone who needs to reduce their Sciatica-induced inflammation.

You Can Reduce Muscle Tension with a Massage Chair

The next best part about a massage chair is the fact it can reduce muscle tension. If you’ve gone for a massage before, then you already know how effective massages can be.

A massage chair is just as effective, as there are many ways it can press along your lower back, and the upper end of your hips.

The OGAWA Master Drive Plus Massage Chair, the same one as above, also has a dedicated massage program called Spine Care, made specifically to target the lower back and hip area.

Massage Chair Spine Care Mode OGAWA Master Drive Plus

When using this mode, you will experience a mix of kneading, rolling, tapping, and Swedish massage styles along the area, which can easily be adjusted to your desired settings.

The best part is that a massage chair with heating can help you reduce muscle tension even easier.

Applying heat to the area helps loosen the muscles, which allows them to be pressed easier, and help promote the flow of fluids through the capillaries and other vessels in your muscles.

With this, someone with Sciatica will feel that their Sciatic nerve can feel less pressure from the surrounding muscles, and thus feel more relaxed.

A Massage Chair Can Become Part of your Daily Routine

For people who suffer with Sciatica, there is no telling when they will feel pain, and often are unable to get the relief they need immediately.

Some people might resort to laying in bed for the rest of the day, while others might feel stuck inside.

That’s why a massage chair can really make the difference in the lives of people with Sciatica.

Massage chairs can be used multiple times during the day, as long as the total massage time does not exceed 30 minutes.

This means that, for someone who suffers from Sciatica, they might have one massage in the middle of the day, and one in the evening before going to bed.

If I were giving a recommendation, I’d say that the Spine Care, and the Circulation massage modes are perfect to use!

After having a massage, they might feel that they can get up, and keep doing the things they want. Alternatively, they can spend more time in the living room, watching TV, while also having a massage.

Man looking at netflix tv while in massage chair

In either situation, having a massage chair can help iron out some of the pains that someone with Sciatica might face in their day.

Conclusion: Having a Massage Chair Can Make Life Easier for People with Sciatica

Whether it be through reducing inflammation, reducing muscle tension, or promoting relaxation, having a massage chair is the quickest, and easiest way for someone with Sciatica to help reduce their pain, without needing another person.

Our team at Irelax often come across people with Sciatica, or have had experiences with herniated discs, so for us, this is a topic we’re very familiar with, and have a solid understanding about.

If you’re thinking of buying a massage chair, or want to find something that can help relieve Sciatica pain, then come reach out to our lovely customer support team, or even come into one of our stores and see how we can help you.  


Tüfek, A., Kaya, S., Tokgöz, O., Fırat, U., Evliyaoğlu, O., Çelik, F., & Karaman, H. (2013). The protective effect of dexmedetomidine on bupivacaine-induced sciatic nerve inflammation is mediated by mast cells. Clinical & Investigative Medicine, 36(2), 95.


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