Can a Massage Chair Help Improve Blood Circulation in the Body?

When we talk about how a massage chair can help improve blood circulation, we aim to do so without increasing the heart rate, but rather helping the blood flow through your body easier.

This blog is going to break down the science of massages, how massage chairs help push the blood around, and then go in depth about the health benefits of blood circulation.

If this sounds like something that will help you, then let me take a few minutes of your time, and concisely explain how a massage chair can make a difference to your health with improved blood circulation.

TLDR: Massage chairs, just like massages, work to increase the vasodilation in your body, which helps blood pass through quicker. The massage chair can also tilt forward and backwards, while also using air compression to press down on your body to push the blood around easier and help achieve blood circulation.

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Now, I’ll get into the specifics.

What Does a Massage Chair Do to Improve Your Blood Circulation?

Just like normal massages, a massage chair presses against your body with a variety of massage styles to help you relax, loosen your muscles, and help bring health benefits.

One of which includes increasing your blood circulation.

During the massage process, the chair will press against your body, which helps to loosen the muscles. As this happens, a process called vasodilation occurs in your body.

Vasodilation, or dilation, refers to the process of the blood vessels widening and expanding (Nelson, 2015).

This happens as you experience your massage, and your muscles are pressed against. On the micro-level, the blood vessels that are on, and surround your muscles are being pressed, and also undergoing the dilation process.

Now that your muscles are going through the dilation process, it is now easier for blood to flow through the muscles, thus improving the blood circulation.

It is because of this process that massages are often seen as a great solution to help increase the speed of recovery.

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In addition, a massage chair can also use its airbags, and its tilting functions to help put your body in the optimal position for blood flow, as well as help push blood along your body.

One mode which is used for this is the Zero Gravity mode, which holds your your head and your heart at the same level, with your legs slightly raised.

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With all of these techniques combined, the massage chair can help your blood circulate through your body easier, helping you relax and recover.

What are the Health Benefits of Improved Blood Circulation?

To answer this, let’s shift the focus on firstly why vasodilation has health benefits, then bring it into the massage chair context.

Vasodilation is common when you exercise, as the body naturally tries to gain more nutrients to help itself recover quicker. This process has been highly researched due to its effects to help increase wellness and health, especially as vasodilation tapers off with old age (DeSouza et al., 2000).

Because of this, we can see massage as a way to help nutrients flow around the body, without the strenuous nature of exercise. It also can be seen as a way to help improve overall body function, improve the quality of your sleep, and a great way to reduce tension.

This means that anyone, regardless of their physical ability, can enjoy the same health benefits of exercise on a lower scale.

With a massage chair improving your blood circulation, the main benefits you’ll feel are:

  1. More energy
  2. Less fatigue/sluggishness
  3. Improved sleep quality
  4. Improved recovery time
  5. Less stress/tension

Thus, having improved blood circulation means that your body is able to complete all its normal bodily processes better, while also clearing your body of waste products and toxins easier.

Conclusion: If You Need to Increase Blood Circulation, then Massage Chairs are a Great Way to do it.

If you’re someone who often suffers from blood vessel blockage, or suffer from something similar to lymph blockage, then investing in a massage chair is a great way to help increase your blood circulation.

The health benefits are numerous, and it’s available to you, all from the benefit of your own home.

If you’re still wondering whether or not you should buy a massage chair, or if it’s the right choice for you, then I’d recommend checking out my blog on how massage chairs are worth the investment.

Your health is priceless, so make sure you invest in it!


DeSouza, C. A., Shapiro, L. F., Clevenger, C. M., Dinenno, F. A., Monahan, K. D., Tanaka, H., & Seals, D. R. (2000). Regular aerobic exercise prevents and restores age-related declines in endothelium-dependent vasodilation in Healthy Men. Circulation, 102(12), 1351–1357.

Nelson, N. L. (2015). Massage therapy: Understanding the mechanisms of action on blood pressure. A scoping review. Journal of the American Society of Hypertension, 9(10), 785–793.

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