How a Massage Chair Easily Promotes Lymphatic Drainage

One of the reasons we love to talk about the health benefits of a massage chair is because they can help remedy and reduce symptoms of many issues. Many people suffer from their lymphatic system feeling blocked or congested and need a lymphatic drainage massage.

That’s why in this blog, I’m going to go over how a massage chair can promote lymphatic drainage, what happens in the massage chair to promote this, and how you’ll be feeling afterwards.

TLDR: Massage chairs help promote lymphatic drainage in the same way they promote blood circulation, by massaging your body systematically, pressing into the muscles to aid the flow of lymph to your liver and kidney. This is done by lifting your legs, using airbags to compress your muscles and limbs, and massaging in the direction to flow towards your heart.

I’ve got more things to add on though, so I’d recommend first reading more, and seeing some of the resources I’ve linked too!

How a Massage Chair Actually Promotes Lymphatic Drainage in Your Body

Similar to how a lymphatic drainage massage works by pressing down on each part of your body, the massage chair performs a similar function by using its airbags.

When you find yourself in a massage chair, laying back while the airbags go off, the best feeling is when your legs get lifted, and the airbags press along your calves and knees, helping push blood back towards your heart.

Massage Chair Lifting POV OGAWA Master Drive AI

In doing this, as well as gently rolling down your back, and pressing your arms and shoulders with airbags, the massage chair can push the lymph fluid through your body, back into your blood stream, and help it pump to the kidney and liver.

A massage chair has airbags in the feet, calves, shoulders and arms to fire and press against your body. Some massage chairs, such as the OGAWA Master Drive Plus, even has airbags around the hips and the knees to add further support there.

These are what work together to ensure blood can flow around your body as you’re being pressed.

Massage chair arm airbag OGAWA Master Drive Plus

Thus, a massage chair, using a combination of its airbags, tilting mechanisms, and massage directions, help to press down on your muscles and get the lymph fluid back into your blood stream. Once it has done so, it will help circulate it to the heart, which directly helps it go back to the kidney and liver for processing.

What are the Benefits of Using a Massage Chair for Lymphatic Drainage?

The best part of using a massage chair for lymphatic drainage is the added benefit of being able to have it all done to you, without you needing to move at all.

While relatively understated, just the simple fact that massage chairs can lean very far back and adjust your leg position is incredible for people who suffer from underlying conditions which might restrict flexibility.

In addition, a massage chair has heating functions which naturally help in the process of dilation, which essentially widens your blood vessels to support more blood flow.

While these benefits are by no means exclusive to a massage chair, the reason they feel like they make the difference is because all of these happen at the same time.

It’s also why the massage chair is often seen as a great way to reduce fatigue, especially with the power of circulation.

Conclusion: A Massage Chair Can Help Relieve Lymphatic Fluid Blockage

If you’re suffering from a blockage of lymph around your body, especially your back and calves, then a massage chair is one way you could consider remedying this.

In comparison to other methods, a massage chair can offer you a complete relaxing experience, that boosts both circulation and lymphatic flow all at the same time.

Within one machine, you can help yourself in so many ways.

If you’re interested, I’ve written a blog which goes into detail about how a massage chair can in most cases be better than a masseuse for your needs! Check it out!

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