How to Incorporate a Massage Chair into Your Self Care Routine

You and I both know how important self care is. Whether its ‘me time’, stress free time, or just something to disconnect, this blog will show you how a massage chair might just be that right thing you need.

So sit down, lay back and relax as I’ll go through the ways a massage chair fits into your routine.

TLDR: A massage chair is perfect for helping you destress, make the most of your chill out time, and can improve your sleep quality.

But there’s so many details you’re missing out on, so keep reading. I promise it’ll be worth it!

Having a Massage Chair Helps You Destress and Relax

Massages are perfect for relaxing, so a massage chair is too!

It just makes sense.

One really good article which highlights just how good a massage is, is none other than the one from Mayo Clinic. It’s no surprise that many consider it to be the best way to reduce stress.

So how do we go about incorporating this into our life?

The best way to reduce stress is to deal with it as it happens. For many people, this can probably happen during work, or just from other life events.

After work, it’s probably hard for many of us to get to a massage parlour, or find a massage spa to go to. Often, we don’t have the time and delay it for later.

Well with a massage chair, you can cut that delay right out of your life!

Massage chairs give you that experience you need, whenever you want it, and however you want it.

So imagine you’ve just gotten home from work, or got back from outside and you’re tired, your feet are sore and your shoulders are rough.

The best thing to do is just slip into a massage chair.

To show you, I’ll illustrate with our very own OGAWA Cosmo-X Massage Chair.

Massage Chair Remote for OGAWA Cosmo-X Massage Chair

With 6 quick massage modes to choose from, all you have to do is sit back and relax. Alternatively, it’s just as easy to control the specifics too, just flip the little panel!

Massage Chair Remote OGAWA Opening and Closing gif

Now, all you need to do is sit back, kick your feet up with the massage chair and relax.

Massage Chair lifting legs in OGAWA Cosmo-X massage chair

Make the Most of your Downtime with a Relaxing Massage

Everybody can relate to laying on their bed, watching their favourite show or scrolling through social media. But as this happens, sometimes we might lose track of time. Afterwards, you’d often feel like that time’s just flown by, and you should be doing something else.

If only there was a way to control how long you’d be relaxing for…

Well once again, a massage chair can help!

Let me give you a simple layout of how using a massage chair can make your downtime even more relaxing, and controlled:

  1. Hop in your massage chair
  2. Choose the massage you want
  3. Set the time for your massage
  4. Pull out your phone, and do whatever you want
  5. Enjoy your massage at the same time
  6. Wait until the massage chair stops massaging you
  7. You finally realise how much time has passed

The 15-20 minutes you spent on your phone was now also your time to get a massage, treat your body, and relax! Now there’s no way to feel guilty about spending that extra time on yourself, as you’ve made an incredibly productive use of that time!

You shouldn’t feel like you need to compromise on your downtime. At the same time, you should be able to control your downtime to a good amount of time, without feeling like it’s flown out the window.

This is the best way to get the best of both worlds.

A Massage Chair Can Improve the Quality of Your Sleep

We’ve actually already covered this in a blog about how massage chairs are proven to help improve your sleep quality, so instead I’ll cover how you would use it in your routine to get the benefits.

The main reason that a massage chair is so helpful for improving the quality of your sleep is because:

  1. It can help you sleep faster
  2. It helps your muscles recover faster during your sleep
  3. Can make you feel better in the morning

It takes your sleep, and amplifies the effects of it, ensuring you have the energy to tackle the day, and you waste no time getting to sleep.

Sleep is so incredibly important for our wellbeing, which is why we need to do what we can to improve the quality of it.

That’s why slipping into your massage chair just before you go to bed, having a quick 15 minute session, then going to bed will be the best decision you made all day.

Conclusion: Having a Massage Chair Amplifies Your Self-Care Routine

When you have a massage chair, it’s so much easier to treat yourself better. The main benefits we discussed were:

  1. Improving your sleep (and thus your energy and mood during the day)
  2. Controlling and making your downtime much more enjoyable
  3. Helping you destress and relax

If you’re ever thinking of including a massage chair in your self-care routine, just remember it can be used by everyone (which should hopefully convince anyone else that raises any questions 😊)

That’s why I’ve made another blog just for you, if you need to convince someone why a massage chair is worth it, then this is it!

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  1. Yuuuii says:

    Do a few times a day, I am sure when you get use to it, u feel extremely different than before, you will feel your whole body is different and you will notice that your outlook change, just like you using a natural make up!

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