Which Massage Chair is Best For Sleeping? Comparison

Massage chairs are perfect for sleeping in.

Trust me, I’ve done it many times myself (to the detriment of my co-workers).

When you are that tired, you really just want to fall asleep, and forget about all your worries.

That is why it is so important to know whether a massage chair is right for sleeping in.

It is shaped like a pod, so why not treat it like one too?

Everyone knows how easy it is to fall asleep during a massage, so surely the same logic can be applied here too!

To answer which one is the best, I have had someone sit in each of our massage chairs, and let them run through the “sleep” massage mode cycle to figure out which one is the best for sleeping in.

So without further ado, let’s get started.

Which Massage Chairs have a Sleep Massage Mode?

Of the massage chairs that we have, only three of them have a dedicated sleep mode. The one that does not, happens to be the OGAWA Cosmo-X massage chair.

This makes relative sense as the massage chair is made in a more modern, stylish fashion for people who need energy. Its firmness in the compression probably would not make it the best for sleeping in either.

As such, we will have to cross this massage chair off the list!

So that means we’ll leave the comparison between the following three massage chairs!

  • OGAWA Master Drive AI
  • OGAWA Master Drive Plus
  • OGAWA Smart Reluxe
  • Product on sale
    OGAWA Smart Reluxe Intelligent Massage Chair
    OGAWA Smart Reluxe Intelligent Massage Chair
  • Product on sale
    OGAWA Master Drive Plus 4D
    OGAWA Master Drive Plus 4D

Comparing the Massage Chair Sleep Massage Mode

Let’s start off with the OGAWA Smart Reluxe:

OGAWA Smart Reluxe

In its sleep mode, it lifts your legs high in the air, while leaning your body back, similar to a cradle shape. While doing so, it uses airbags to softly press around your arms and calves, while turning on the heating function to make your experience warmer.

Afterwards, it uses its massage rollers to glide along your back, ensuring it does not make any harsh movements.

It felt like a soft massage that was not centred in one place, but rather spread out across my entire back.

Midway through the massage, it started to rock back and forth, which lasted for around one minute. It was the only time it did that.  

It also did not touch my neck often, which makes it easier to have a rest and not be disturbed.

To rate this, I genuinely was surprised how soothing the massage was, as this was a relatively firm massage chair.

I would give this massage experience a solid 8/10

OGAWA Master Drive Plus

When we move onto the next model of the massage chair, we really begin to feel a difference in the programs for the sleep massage mode.

I found this massage to be firmer than the others, probably due to the fact that by nature, this massage chair is much firmer than the rest.

While this massage chair had more airbags, it also pressed down harder than the Smart Reluxe had.

Despite this, I really enjoyed the way the calf massage part moved to support my knees. I also like how there’s heating in both my back and my knee areas, as it really helped me relax.

There was no rocking in this mode, even though I felt like I was being cradled up like a baby!

Overall, it had me feeling like I was suspended in a cosy blanket, which was nice and warm.

However, because I am relatively sensitive to firmness, I will give it a 7.5/10.

OGAWA Master Drive AI

I don’t think I can hold back when I say this, but this was definitely the most relaxing of them all.

From the firmness of the massage, I felt that the massage chair was much softer on my back, and did not dig into my body as much as the other two did.

In a way, the massage rollers clearly adapted to my body, as if it knew how to adjust when needed.

One of the best parts about this massage was that the airbags did not press very tightly on me, which really just felt like a warm press. It makes the whole process feel much more relaxing.

In addition, the foot massager was much softer than the one on the Master Drive Plus, which made me feel like a masseuse was just softly pressing on my feet.

Combined with the same features of the Master Drive Plus, I think I really got the best of both worlds of the previous massage chairs.

For that reason, I’m more than happy to give this massage chair’s sleep mode a solid 8.5/10.

Conclusion: And the Best Massage Chair for Sleeping Is…

The OGAWA Master Drive AI!

Now I know it sounds corny because this is our most premium model to date, but it really proves itself here.

These three massage chairs are all from the same brand, yet have different massage modes and different feels to each one.

That’s why it’s really hard to believe that there’s such a difference between them!

Blogs like these are made to help illustrate that!

And better yet, here’s a blog to help you further understand the differences between all of our massage chairs!

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