The Difference Between an AI Massage Chair vs a Regular Massage Chair

OGAWA Master Drive AI Black Massage Chair

One of the weirdest phenomena to occur in our lives right now is the introduction of AI into everything.

We’ve seen AI being introduced into cars, social media, and now even massage chairs?

Why is that, and does it bring any benefit to you?

More importantly, does it deserve the increase in price?

I’ll be answering all of that today in this blog, and even show you how some of our other customers have made the most of this!

I’m going to go over the easiest comparison I can make, which is between the OGAWA Master Drive AI, currently the best AI massage chair in the market, and the normal massage chair.

With this, we can break down why an AI massage chair might be different, and whether or not you should consider getting one!

TLDR: An AI massage chair provides the delicacy, and preciseness that is sometimes even better than a masseuse. The best way to compare the added value of an AI massage chair is by comparing the newer features of the latest iPhone; it looks the same as the old ones, but the stuff inside, and the ability of it is much better than the other versions.

So now, let me get into the finer details, and get through what you might need to know before you consider one!

What Can an AI Massage Chair Do that a Normal Massage Chair Cannot?

The short answer: an AI massage chair can scan your entire body, and give you a customised massage made just for you!

The long answer: An AI massage chair has many more sensors inside the massage chair, which all work to tailor the massage just for you.

One of the features of our OGAWA Master Drive AI is the fatigue detection handle. By collecting your pulse and oxygen level, while scanning along your back with the massage rollers, the massage chair can break down the fatigue level of 5 different areas of your back!

When you have this differentiation, the massage chair knows that it needs to be firmer in some places, and softer in others. The AI then uses this data to mimic the soft care of a masseuse and press in between each of the muscles with just the right amount of firmness.

When we compare this to a normal massage chair, then the main takeaways we see are:

  • An AI massage chair can give a aore precise massage intensity around different parts of the body

For example, a normal massage chair might only be able to have one massage intensity, or a pre-programmed mode, that stays the same the entire way through, throughout your whole body.

This is a pain for people that only need a certain area firmer or softer than the rest.

  • An AI massage chair gets the spots you need

Sometimes, when you’re using a normal massage mode, the massage chair might miss the spot you need, or only briefly touch on it.

With an AI massage chair, it knows where you need the massage, and focuses on that spot until the tightness is gone.

It’s just like a responsive masseuse.

Is it Worth Getting an AI Massage Chair Over a Normal Massage Chair?

That depends on your needs.

Many people who sit in the AI massage chair always know that it feels better than a normal massage chair, however the biggest barrier to getting an AI massage chair happens to be the price.

With an AI massage chair, you might be paying anywhere near $3000 to $5000 more for the massage chair.

However, we think it’s worth every bit of it!

When you get an AI massage chair, you can never get sick of it! There’s nearly no way to get used to it, as it can give you a new massage experience every time you sit down and scan on it!

On the other hand, with a normal massage chair, you might find that only a few of the massage modes are to your liking.

After that, you could get used to it really quickly, and might feel annoyed only being able to slightly adjust the strength of it.

That’s why an AI massage chair offers both the versatility of control and preciseness, while always giving you a unique, new massage experience.

Conclusion: AI Massage Chairs are a Gift that Keep on Giving!

Whether you’re someone that needs to hit a specific spot, or just doesn’t want to leave the house anymore to go see a masseuse, an AI massage chair is a great option!

When you leave it to the hands of a master, a massage chair that knows so many different massage styles, your experience will be one of pure bliss!

We’ve actually got a guide on AI massage chairs if you’re thinking of considering one for your home, so I’d really recommend checking it out!

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