Before Buying a Massage Chair, Make Sure it Meets Your Needs

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When you’re looking into buying a massage chair and doing your research, it’s often tough to know which massage chair is right for you. Most massage chair companies say they have the best massage chair but don’t go in-depth on how it is the best.

When investing this much money into your health, you must get all the knowledge you need on the massage chair you’re getting and ensure it will give you all the health benefits you’re looking for.

This blog will demystify some of that and help you plan through your research to see if a massage chair is right for you. We identify where you might need a massage and then discuss whether a massage chair is right for you.

So without further ado, let me explain how a massage chair can meet your needs.

TLDR: The best massage chair for you will massage you where your body is in pain while providing extra support in places where you need it. A massage chair should also aim to reduce your pain while providing a long-term solution.

The Best Massage Chair Will Massage You Where You Need It

We’re not talking just about where a massage chair can reach. We’re talking about whether it will give you a good massage in that area.

If you know you have a particular spot of your body that’s more sensitive, you need to consider how much cushioning or extra support you need in that area.

While all full-body massage chairs will massage you from your neck to your feet, not every massage chair can massage each area of your body the same way.

One example is the OGAWA Master Drive Plus massage chair’s ability to massage your knees and calves, which is limited only to the OGAWA brand. For people with knee pain, arthritis, or other underlying conditions, finding a massage chair that can massage your knees is critical.

OGAWA Master Drive Plus Massage Chair knee Component Stretching from Calf to knee

Another common phenomenon we see with our customers is that they are looking for lower back support. In this instance, while all full-body massage chairs will reach the lower back, not all have adequate cushioning or airbags around the area.

In this scenario, I would advise looking for models that have more airbags around the hips or lower back to ensure you get a massage in the right area.  

No matter what condition you have or might not have, it’s better to know what you’re looking to relieve when you have this massage chair before you look between different models.

Will Buying a Massage Chair be a Long-term Solution for my Pain?

While everyone has different pain points and circumstances, massage chairs can reduce the pain people feel over time and help them relax.

The main benefits of a massage chair come in two forms: the pain it takes away from your life and the relaxation it gives you in return.

However, a massage chair cannot simply take away all the pain; it needs to be used properly, and the person using it also has to consider their lifestyle.

As a massage chair expert, I often ask customers the following questions to understand their needs better and see if a massage chair is a solution to their pain:

  1. Where do you usually experience pain?

This is the central question which ties into the purpose of a massage in the first place. If you’re experiencing pain in areas which can be massaged by a massage chair, most notably the back and shoulders, then there is a justified case to consider buying a massage chair.

However, if you generally experience pain in places such as your thighs or your upper arms, then a massage chair might not be the best way to solve your pain.

Some people experience pain more deeply rooted in their bodies, especially when it has been woven over time. One example of this is how a civil engineer might constantly be putting their body in pain through work, and over time have ruined their muscles and posture.

This example I gave was a customer of ours who provided a testimonial. If you’re interested, watch how a massage chair was able to help relieve his pain:

  1. What time of day are you usually experiencing this pain?

I ask this question to try and understand what causes the pain. For people who suffer from back and shoulder pain, there can be many reasons why it occurs. Some of the most common causes, in my experience, tend to be because of the following:

  • Laborious work
  • Poor posture while sitting at desks
  • Poor quality of sleep
  • Underlying conditions such as lumbar pain

Understanding these helps me identify if the customer needs a massage chair, to begin with, or if they are better suited to something like a portable massager, such as a massage cushion.

  1. Have you had any severe injuries anywhere before?

This is another vital question, as some severe injuries or conditions require specialist attention. While a massage chair can work like an in-home masseuse, it cannot replace the function and knowledge of a highly professional osteopath.

While some people might be able to relieve the pain they feel, we recommend using this massage chair in addition to an existing specialist care plan.

If you belong in this category, the best advice would be to try a massage chair in person if possible because the conditions or injuries you have are unique to you and require one-on-one service to know whether or not a massage chair suits you.

  1. How intense is your pain?

When we ask this, we want to understand what kind of massage chair will suit you best. Among the different massage chair models, some are firm, and some are soft.

However, people who generally tend to be in more pain need a firmer massage but cannot handle it, to begin with. In these scenarios, the staff need to know how intense your pain is so they can recommend a massage chair model with adjustable strength and intensity.

Conclusion: Buying a Massage Chair Requires Good Research

The best way to research is to try in person. However, you should still have some prior knowledge on whether a massage chair is right for you to make the best decision.

Massage chairs are used to change your lifestyle to a more relaxing one. It will inevitably become part of your daily routine and work around how you need it most. That’s why we consider it to be a long-term solution.

Just like any other long-term solution, it’s best to research and know which massage chair will suit you best. If you’re in this boat, I have other great resources for you!

If you’re wondering if a massage chair is even worth it, check out this blog I’ve written on exactly that!

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