Comparing the Foot Massager in OGAWA Massage Chairs

When I use the massage chairs in the showroom, I often can’t get over how different each of the foot massagers are.

As I said in my last blog, which compared the airbags of each massage chair to one another, I felt that each foot massage worked differently for me.

They nearly all look identical on the outside, but when you sit down and have a feeling, it’s completely different.

So imagine buying a massage chair online, then. How would you know?

That’s why I’m here!

Today, we’re going to go over our four top massage chairs and explain the differences between each of them!

So without further ado, let’s get right into it!

TLDR: Most of the OGAWA massage chairs I tried had multiple, fragmented rolling bumps, each with different numbers and firmnesses. Of these, the OGAWA Master Drive Plus was the firmest, while the OGAWA Smart Reluxe was the softest. The OGAWA Cosmo-X differs from the other massage chair as it uses a single roller, which rotates and moves forward and back.

Now, I’ll break down each of the massage chairs to show you how each of the massage chairs adds up to one another!

The Foot Component of the OGAWA Massage Chairs

To start this section, let’s compare each massage chair’s appearance.

Massage Chair Foot Roller Comparison for OGAWA Master Drive AI
Master Drive AI
Massage Chair Foot Roller Comparison with OGAWA Master Drive Plus
Master Drive Plus
Massage Chair Foot Roller Comparison for OGAWA Cosmo-X
Massage Chair Foot Roller Comparison for OGAWA Smart Reluxe

As you might see, they all look super similar!

The main difference in the design of the foot component of each of the massage chairs is in the material. The OGAWA Master Drive Plus, in comparison to the others, uses a breathable cloth material, and the OGAWA Smart Reluxe uses a synthetic leather material at the bottom.

The difference this made in my foot massage experience was the friction I felt when the airbags pressed against me and how they pushed my feet into the rollers.

Thus, the key takeaways from just the outside appearance and the material are as follows:

  • Most of the foot massage components of the OGAWA massage chairs are similar in design
  • The difference in materials makes a slight difference in the friction felt between the airbags and the foot rollers
  • If you are sitting in this barefoot, then the difference is more pronounced in temperature

The Actual Foot Massage Experience with the OGAWA Massage Chairs

Now, let’s get into the feeling of each massage chair.

To illustrate this, I’ve made a demographic to show how each of the foot rollers on each of the massage chairs feels!

Comparison of foot rollers in OGAWA Massage Chairs

From this, there are two things that I want to discuss.

The number of foot rollers in each massage chair:

The most significant difference between them was feeling the comparison between the OGAWA Smart Reluxe and the OGAWA Cosmo-X massage chair.

These massage chairs vastly differed in their massage chair experience.

On the one hand, the OGAWA Smart Reluxe had many massage rollers under my feet, which felt like they rolled on the spot in that direction.

On the other hand, the OGAWA Cosmo-X massage chair only had one solid, rotating roller, which pushed it back and forth along my foot.

Then in the middle, the OGAWA Master Drive Plus and Master Drive AI felt like a mix between the two.

So what did I take away from this?

I felt that the fewer foot rollers in the foot component of the massage chair, the firmer the foot massage felt.

With this logic, the OGAWA Cosmo-X massage chair felt like it had the strongest foot massage out of all of our massage chairs!

In second and third place, the Master Drive Plus and the Master Drive AI felt nearly identical.

Lastly, the OGAWA Smart Reluxe felt like a much softer foot massage. To compare it, I would say it feels like a gentle poking under the bottom of the feet.

The shape of foot rollers in each massage chair:

Most of the rollers felt like rounded rectangles. They were not sharp but had a hard edge, similar to a knuckle!

This stands true for the OGAWA Smart Reluxe, Master Drive Plus and Master Drive AI.

However, the Cosmo-X massage chair felt vastly different from the rest.

Let me explain.

It feels like one rod with bumps that rotate around and move up and down your feet.

Imagine standing on a bumpy gluestick!

It’s a feeling that I wish I could explain better or even take the chair apart and show you myself.

So, for now, that’s the best example to date.

Conclusion: Massage Chairs Have Very Different Foot Massages

We have three of the four massage chairs, which are all very different.

The OGAWA Master Drive AI and the Master Drive Plus are similar in how they massage the feet. They have a few rollers stuck in place but feel relatively large and similar to a knuckle.

The OGAWA Cosmo-X massage chair was the most different, with a single bumped roller that pushed up and down my feet. To compare it, it felt like a gluestick with nice bumps on it.

Lastly, the OGAWA Smart Reluxe massage chair felt similar to soft fingers poking into the bottom of my feet. With the multiple rollers, it felt the smoothest.

I hope this blog helps clarify the differences between some of the massage chairs.

Now that you’re here, if you want to help look at some of the other differences between massage chairs, then here’s a guide that might help too!

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