Is there a Calf Massager in a Massage Chair?

The short answer is that there isn’t a specific calf massager in most massage chairs.

If you’re looking for a massage chair that has can grab your legs, then there’s only one massage chair which can do that.

Otherwise, most massage chairs actually won’t have something inside which has a roller.

The reason is because that there’s a high risk of harm, and there can be health risks with that.

But this doesn’t mean you miss out on the massage, in fact you get another experience all together.

Using airbags, a massage chair can press against your calves, and help them loosen. This is the best way to help reduce tightness safely.

Afterwards, your legs will feel just as loose.

I’ll even show you how four of our massage chairs press against the calves, and give you a relaxing calf massage.

So without further ado, let me explain how it all works.

A Massage Chair Has Dedicated Calf Airbags

Most massage chairs will come with a dedicated calf air bag to help massage your calves. When you sit in the massage chair, they’ll immediately align to your calves.

Here’s how all four of our massage chairs’ calf airbags look like together.

Massage Chair Calf Airbags for OGAWA Cosmo-X
Massage Chair Calf Airbag for OGAWA Smart Reluxe
Massage Chair Calf Airbag for OGAWA Master Drive Plus
Massage Chair Calf Airbag for OGAWA Master Drive AI

As you can see, the press from the sides, but wrap around your whole calf area. This means the underside, topside, and sides of your calves get that nice airbag massage.

The best part about having this is that the air pressure for this is controllable.

By having this inside the massage chair, you are able to have stimulation in your legs while your upper body gets massaged at the same time.

This is also in combination with the tilt functions of a massage chair.

One common massage chair mode is the Thai massage mode, which pulls down your legs by grabbing your calves with these exact airbags, then slowly stretching your quads.

So while they might seem like a simple press, the airbags actually have a lot more function than you’d think!

How Do the Calf Airbags in a Massage Chair Massage the Calves

The main way that the airbags massage your legs is by pressing on your calves.

These presses can be short or long, firm or soft, and can vary in the way they press.

Nevertheless, this pressing motion can be taken to the next level, when combined with the pressure controls, can create a sort of calf pressing routine.

One example of this is how the OGAWA Master Drive Plus presses the calf airbags one after another in repeat succession to press the calves quickly.

With this, the calves are exposed to firm presses from the airbags, that gives it a sort of pumping feeling, similar to how a masseuse would hold down the legs.

Is There Anything Else That the Calf Airbags Do?

For some massage chairs, that’s about the limit.

Luckily, for these massage chairs, such as the OGAWA Master Drive Plus, the calf section can actually move.

The special feature of this massage chair, and its AI successor, the OGAWA Master Drive AI, is the ability to move the calf section while the airbags are pressing.

This makes the concept of calf massages not just limited to one place, but also moving up and down the leg to give a leg airbag massage instead.

It is just like feeling the hands of a masseuse rub against your leg as it travels upwards. The pressure digs into your calves as you can feel the edge of the airbag pushing against the muscle fibres inside.

Honestly, it is quite the experience.

Even if its not the rollers that some people might think that they need, an airbag is still plenty for your calves, especially when they press down tight.

Conclusion: A Massage Chair Can Still Give a Decent Calf Massage

If you’re looking for a dedicated set of rollers within a massage chair, then chances are you will not find them. That’s because a massage chair instead uses airbags to press and massage your calves.

This has many benefits though outside of being safer, it is a great way to help push the blood around your body, as well as help loosen the muscles in your body.

By the end of the day, you’ll be feeling relaxed and more.

Just as I mentioned earlier, the airbags are perfect for helping circulate blood around the body.

I’ve even written a blog dedicated to talking about how a massage chair can help increase the blood flow in your body.

If that’s something else you’re interested in, then I’d encourage you to check it out!

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