Why the Perfect Fit Matters when Choosing a Massage Chair

When it comes to finding the best massage chair, many people get caught up in the advanced features and latest technology. While these aspects are undoubtedly important, they aren’t the most crucial factor to consider.

Think of a massage chair like a nice jacket, it doesn’t really matter how many zips and pockets it has if the jacket does not fit your body.

The perfect fit should be your top priority when selecting a massage chair, as it will have the biggest impact on your overall satisfaction and comfort.

Today in this article, we’ll explore why fit is so essential and we’ll teach you how to find the right massage chair size for your unique body.

The Importance of the Perfect Fit in a Massage Chair

A well-fitting massage chair offers many benefits that directly impact the enjoyment of your massage experience. Here are a few key reasons why the fit matters so much:

Enhanced Comfort:

A massage chair that fits your body properly is undeniably the cosiest, thus being the most comfortable to sit in. When all the rollers line up with your body in the right spots, you’re getting the maximum comfort possible during each massage session.

Better Massage Quality:

Similar to what we just said, when a massage chair contours to your body shape, it allows the massage rollers and airbags to target the right areas more effectively, leading to a higher-quality massage experience. No muscle group will be left uncared for.

Reduced Risk of Injury:

A poorly fitting massage chair can cause unnecessary strain on your body, which may lead to discomfort or even injury. This is often because of height, weight, or just general body shape. A well-fitting chair won’t have any of these problems!

Finding the Right Massage Chair Size for You

We understand that not every body is the same. That’s why at Irelax Australia, we offer four top-of-the-line massage chairs to cater to various body types and preferences. Here’s a quick guide to help you determine which chair is best suited for your unique body:

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OGAWA Cosmo-X: Ideal for those with a thinner frame and smaller shoulders, the Cosmo-X provides a snug fit and targeted massage experience.

OGAWA Master Drive Plus: Designed for individuals with a larger frame and more muscle mass, the Master Drive Plus offers enhanced support and a powerful massage.

OGAWA Master Drive AI: If you have a sensitive body that requires delicate attention, the Master Drive AI’s adaptive strength and size make it the perfect choice.

OGAWA Smart Reluxe: Suitable for a wide range of body types and those who can handle a more robust massage, the Smart Reluxe offers versatility and comfort.

Additional Factors to Consider in a Massage Chair

While the fit of the massage chair should be your main priority, there are other massage chair features worth considering, such as:

Massage Techniques:

Look for chairs that offer a variety of massage techniques to suit your preferences, from deep tissue to gentle kneading.

Customization Options:

Some massage chairs, like the OGAWA Master Drive AI, can adapt their strength and size to accommodate your specific needs.

Price and Warranty:

Find a chair that fits within your budget and offers a comprehensive warranty for peace of mind. With Irelax, you’re getting the best 3 Year Warranty that you’d need!

Massage chair Thai massage stretch body OGAWA Master Drive Plus

How to Test the Fit of a Massage Chair

To ensure you make the best decision, it’s important to know how to test the fit of a massage chair. If you have the option to come in store, then be sure to:

Sit in the Chair:

This one is kinda obvious, right?

The first step in determining if a massage chair is the right fit is to sit in it. Check to make sure your back, hips, and legs are properly supported, and if your feet can rest comfortably on the footrest. If you find that your knees are too bent, then it’s likely that the massage chair is too small for you.

Evaluate the Shoulder Width:

The massage chair should comfortably accommodate the width of your shoulders. If the chair is too narrow, you may feel squeezed and unable to relax. If it’s too wide, the massage rollers won’t effectively target your muscles and the airbags will miss your shoulder.

Assess the Neck and Head Support:

A well-fitting massage chair should provide adequate support for your neck and head. What we want to make sure is if the neck massage is firm enough, but not too firm. We also want to check if the massage chair pillow is the right thickness for you.

Check the Recline Function:

Test the chair’s recline function to ensure it can fit your body without hurting. This is especially recommended for people who have sensitive bodies. The fabric spreads and the pressure of the massage changes as the massage chair reclines, which is why its important to have a feel of every angle. A good chair should allow you to recline smoothly and comfortably without putting undue strain on your neck or back.

Test the Massage Functions:

While seated in the chair, explore the different massage functions it offers. Pay attention to how the rollers, airbags, and other features interact with your body. A well-fitting chair should effectively target your muscles without causing pain or discomfort.

By following these tips and prioritizing the fit of your massage chair, you can enjoy a comfortable and effective massage experience that caters to your unique body shape.

Remember, at Irelax Australia, our team of experts is always ready to help you find the perfect massage chair to suit your needs and preferences. So, don’t hesitate to reach out and let us guide you to massage bliss.

Conclusion: The Massage Chair Fit Matters the Most

The perfect fit is the most important factor when choosing a massage chair.

By finding a chair that contours to your unique body shape, you’ll enjoy a more comfortable and effective massage experience.

At Irelax Australia, we offer a range of massage chairs to suit various body types and preferences, ensuring that you find the perfect chair for your needs. If you’re looking for more information on choosing the right massage chair, then check out the blog, we’ve got you covered! So, don’t get too caught up in fancy features and cutting-edge technology – prioritize fit first and foremost, and you’ll be well on your way to massage chair heaven.