Relax – Discover Why Massage Chairs are Worth the Investment

Is a massage chair worth it? Let’s find out!

We understand, massage chairs are not cheap.

However, your health is priceless, which is more than enough reason to justify the cost of having a massage chair.

Even then, you might be thinking to yourself

“Why wouldn’t I just go for a massage then?” 

 This blog will break down exactly who benefits the most from a massage chair, and who would gain the most benefit from one.

TLDR: People who already go for massages regularly or need to visit the chiropractor can save a lot of money through buying a massage chair. People who have mobility issues or are unable to access chiropractors/doctors/masseuses would also benefit from a massage chair immensely.

Buying a Massage Chair is Extremely Convenient

As we like to say often, having a massage chair is just like having a masseuse at home, available at any time. We really do mean that!

Having a massage chair that you can control from a simple screen or remote means that you get the massage you want, meaning there’s no need to visit a masseuse!

In fact, you don’t even need to leave the house, you simply need to go to the room where you have your massage chair, and sit inside. The rest is all up to the massage chair.

You save so much time just from having a massage chair at home! Here’s just some of the advantages of how convenient having a massage chair at home is:

  • There’s no need to drive or leave your house for a massage
  • No appointments needed for your massage!
  • You can sleep in your massage chair
  • You can watch TV at the same time as enjoying a massage
  • Save time in traffic
  • Save on gas!
Man looking at netflix tv while in massage chair

You Can Get a Massage at Home, Anytime You Want with a Massage Chair

This is probably one of the most important things for people who need a massage, the reality is that many people cannot go for them, even if they wanted to.

If you’re working 5+ days a week, or have irregular shift times, then chances are you aren’t able to get time off work to go for a massage. Worse off, the massage or chiropractor places near you are closed by the time you get off work.

You have a clear need for a massage, or need pain relief now, so why should you have to wait for the one day that you have off, just to get a massage?

Then, you’d need to wait another whole week just to repeat the process.

We think this is a bit repetitive, and quite frankly very unfair.

With a massage chair at home, you don’t have to ever worry about what time you need a massage.

Tired from work? Get a massage as soon as you come home in a massage chair!

Trying to relax before bed? Get a massage from your massage chair?

Didn’t sleep well? Hop in your massage chair and enjoy a massage.

The opportunities are genuinely endless.

Here’s one of the testimonials that we have showing off our OGAWA massage chairs, in particular the Master Drive AI massage chair, and how it helped Helena give herself more time.

Buying a Massage Chair Can Save You Money!

That’s right! It might be hard to believe, but if you’re not going for a massage every week, or every two weeks, then you’d be surprised at how costly massages are becoming.

For an hour massage, people pay around $70 – $80! Let’s assume that an average one hour massage is $75, let’s have a look and see how much people are paying per year, based on how often they go!


Breakdown of Yearly Massage Cost: (1 hour massage)

Go for a massage weekly: $3,900

Go for a massage once every 2 weeks: $1,950

Go for a massage once a month: $975


From this, it’s clear that if you’re someone that’s going for a massage weekly, or once every two weeks, then a massage chair can be beneficial.

When you buy a massage chair, you’re definitely going to want to buy one that will last 5-6 years. Our OGAWA massage chairs all live up to that livespan, so we can use that as a reference.

With these costs over 5 years, let’s compare some of the prices of massages to some prices of the massage chairs we have!


Going for Massages over 5 Years:

Go for a massage weekly: $19,500

Go for a massage once every 2 weeks: $9,750

Go for a massage once a month: $4,875

OGAWA Master Drive AI: $12,500

OGAWA Master Drive Plus: $9,500

OGAWA Smart Reluxe: $4,600


When we look at it from this angle, we actually see that massage chairs are more cost effective than massages in the long term! For these, we’re only assuming that you’re getting one hour of massages.

But when you have a massage chair in your home, you’re going to get this massage daily, for at least half an hour.

Conclusion: Massage Chairs Are Very Worth the Investment!

With that number crunching above, I hope this helps shed some light on how a massage chair becomes more cost effective over time. Outside of cost, there’s so many other reasons why you would want a massage chair!

It’s convenient, it’s not bound by time, and it’s cost effective!

You get everything you need, all in your home, without the extra worry of needing to find time, find an appointment, or find a place to go to when you’re in pain.

Next time you need the relaxation you need, why not consider a massage chair?

Here’s a blog we’ve written on why people need a massage chair in this day and age!

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