How to get Amazing Neck Massages with a Massage Chair

Can a massage chair give a good neck massage?

Neck pain, tension, and stiffness can ruin your day, and prevent you from doing the stuff you love. Massage chairs are known for their ability to alleviate stress and discomfort, but did you know that they also offer various neck massage techniques?

In this blog, we will discuss the different ways massage chairs massage the neck and delve into the unique neck massage capabilities of two popular massage chairs – the OGAWA Smart Reluxe and the OGAWA Master Drive Plus.

Understanding the Neck Massage Variations in Massage Chairs

Massage chairs use various techniques and features to massage the neck, depending on factors such as material, massage program, and roller shape. Here are a few reasons why neck massages differ between massage chairs:


The upholstery and padding materials used in a massage chair can impact the overall feel and effectiveness of the neck massage. Softer materials may provide a more gentle massage, while firmer materials can offer more targeted pressure.

This also is reflected in the available cushioning on the massage chair. Some massage chairs like the Smart Reluxe have less cushioning, which gives you a stronger massage. Others like the Master Drive AI have adjustable cushioning, with multiple layers to help you choose your strength level.

Massage Program:

Different massage chairs come with various pre-programmed massage routines that focus on specific areas of the body, including the neck. But just because two massage chairs have a neck massage program, it does not mean that they will massage you the same way!

We’ve got a section on this coming right up, so keep reading on.

These programs can use different techniques and intensities, resulting in distinct massage experiences.

Roller Shape:

The shape and design of the massage rollers play a significant role in how the neck is massaged. Some rollers are designed to knead and press, while others may tap, vibrate, or use a combination of methods.

Massage Chair Neck massager component OGAWA Smart Reluxe 2

Comparing the Neck Massage Techniques of OGAWA Smart Reluxe and OGAWA Master Drive Plus

Here we are!

Using two of our massage chairs, I can show you how the same neck massage program can differ across massage chairs.

Let’s take a closer look at the neck massage capabilities of two popular massage chairs in our range – the OGAWA Smart Reluxe and the OGAWA Master Drive Plus.

OGAWA Smart Reluxe:

The Smart Reluxe goes for a pinch movement to massage the neck. As shown in the gif, the chair pinches the neck and then pulls down, creating a soothing and relaxing sensation.

Of the people who choose this chair, most of them tend to like firm massages, which makes sense as the OGAWA Smart Reluxe is a relatively firm massage chair. If you have a sensitive neck, then this massage style might not be suitable for you.

With a strong pinch and pull motion, this technique is particularly effective for releasing tension and promoting relaxation.

Massage Chair Neck massager component OGAWA Smart Reluxe

OGAWA Master Drive Plus:

Similar to the Smart Reluxe, the Master Drive Plus massage chair also uses a pinch movement to massage the neck. However, it takes the massage experience to another level by incorporating tapping and circular rolling motions.

The Master Drive Plus has more capabilities than the Smart Reluxe, which is shown in the way it massages the neck. The rollers in the Master Drive Plus are 4D massage chair rollers, which gives it much more reach and range.

The combination of these techniques provides a more dynamic and comprehensive neck massage experience.

Massage Chair Neck massager component OGAWA Master Drive Plus

The Benefits of Neck Massages from Massage Chairs

While specialised neck massagers are designed specifically for neck massage, massage chairs can also deliver excellent neck massage experiences, sometimes even surpassing the capabilities of neck massagers!

Even though a neck massager is cheaper, here’s still some reasons why you should consider a massage chair to target your neck:

Customizable Massage Experience:

Many massage chairs offer customizable massage settings, allowing you to tailor the intensity, speed, and technique to your preferences, ensuring a personalized neck massage experience.

This is especially true with massage chairs that have the manual massage mode, which is common amongst most 4D massage chairs.

Full-Body Relaxation:

In addition to providing targeted neck massage, massage chairs also offer comprehensive full-body massage experiences.

If you’ve ever gone for acupuncture, then you would know how the body is linked through many different parts of the body. The stiffness you feel in your neck might be caused by pain in your lower back.

This holistic approach to relaxation can help release tension throughout the body, further alleviating neck pain and stress.

Convenience and Comfort:

Massage chairs can be used in the comfort of your own home, providing a convenient and accessible way to enjoy regular neck massages.

Moreover, massage chairs often feature ergonomic designs and high-quality materials that enhance comfort and support during the massage session.

Tips for Choosing a Massage Chair with the Best Neck Massage Capabilities

To help you find the ideal massage chair that caters to your neck massage needs, consider the following tips:

Know what massage strength you need:

Consider the type of neck massage you prefer, whether you need a gentle, soothing experience or a more intense, deep tissue massage. This will help you choose the right massage chair for your needs.  

Test Different Chairs:

It’s really important to try out various massage chairs and experience their unique neck massage techniques firsthand. Visit showrooms or stores where you can sit in the chairs and compare their neck massage capabilities.

Read Reviews:

Reading customer reviews and testimonials can provide valuable insights into the neck massage performance of different massage chair models. Look for reviews that specifically mention the chair’s neck massage capabilities and effectiveness.

Consider Additional Features:

While the neck massage capabilities are essential, don’t forget to evaluate other aspects of the massage chair, such as heating, 4D, and the cushion behind the neck.

By following these tips and prioritizing the neck massage capabilities of massage chairs, you can find the perfect chair to alleviate neck pain and tension, improving your overall wellbeing.

Remember, our team at Irelax Australia is always available to provide guidance and help you choose the best massage chair for your unique needs. Don’t hesitate to reach out and let us assist you on your journey towards neck massage bliss.

Conclusion: A Massage Chair does a Good Job Massaging your Neck

In conclusion, massage chairs can provide a versatile and enjoyable neck massage experience, sometimes even surpassing the effectiveness of specialized neck massagers.

When it comes to neck massage capabilities, not all massage chairs are created equal. Different chairs employ various techniques and features to provide a unique neck massage experience.

The OGAWA Smart Reluxe and the OGAWA Master Drive Plus both offer effective neck massage techniques, with the Smart Reluxe focusing on a soothing pinch-and-pull movement, while the Master Drive Plus incorporates tapping and circular rolling motions for a more dynamic experience.

By understanding the differences between various massage chair models and their unique neck massage capabilities, you can make an informed decision and choose the chair that best suits your needs and preferences.

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