How Much Space Does a Massage Chair Take Up?

One of the biggest concerns for people when they’re thinking of buying a massage chair is whether it will take up too much space at home.

We do have measurements on all of our products, but more often than not, it’s nicer to see the photos, and understand if it will fit through your door.

That’s why today I’m going to highlight the length and width of our most popular massage chair, and show you what each of the heights mean.

I’ll even throw in a bonus tip on how to move your massage chair!

So without further ado, let me begin showing you what measurements you need to be looking at!

How Wide is a Massage Chair?

Most massage chairs are usually under 85cm in width. In today’s example, the OGAWA Master Drive Plus massage chair, we were able to get a width of 81cm.

Massage Chair Width Measurement Master Drive Plus

With everything as it should be, you would need around 81cm of clear space to move this massage chair through.

This frame has an identical size to its successor, the OGAWA Master Drive AI massage chair, and is the biggest massage chair we offer!

But rest assured, if you’re worried about the massage chair fitting in your door, then read ahead, I have you covered!

Will the Massage Chair Fit in my Door?

The measurement we recommend for a door fitting is 75cm. Even though the massage chair has a width of 81cm, one of the special features of an OGAWA massage chair is that the side panels can be detached. With everything detached, the massage chair comes to a width of 75cm.

This means that you must at least have 75cm of clear space in your door to have a massage chair fitted through without any worries.

How Long is a Massage Chair?

Using the same example of the Master Drive Plus, I have also shot two more photos to help you illustrate its length.

Massage Chair Seated Length Measurement Master Drive Plus

Here’s a photo of the massage chair as its sitting normally. It comes in at a length of 158cm when measured from the front and back. In this mode, it surprisingly does not take up much space for a massage chair, as it is designed to be like a recliner.

But when we compare it to the extended view…

Massage Chair Extended Length Measurement Master Drive Plus

It gets much bigger!

When the leg rest is extended to the max, and leans back as far as possible, then the total length is 196cm.

What’s important to note at this stage of the measuring is that the difference in length from the front and back is not the same.

What do I mean by this?

The massage chair’s length increased by 38cm, however this 38cm was not equally extended from each side!

The massage chair actually stretches out more from the front than it does from the back! The exact length that the massage chair pushes back is 12cm, and from the front, it extends 26cm.

This means that when you place your massage chair in your home, you will need to keep at least 12cm of space from the wall to ensure it does not collide with your wall and leave any marks.

How Do I Move my Massage Chair?

Now that you’ve considered space, you might also want to consider whether it would be easy to move your massage chair anywhere you need.

To answer that, I’ve prepared a very simple gif showing you how you can push a massage chair.

Massage Chair Moving Technique One Person

Probably one of the coolest aspects of a massage chair is the way you can push the massage chairs with the wheels at the back of it.

If you have wooden, vinyl, lino, or marble floors, this makes moving a massage chair a piece of cake.

However if you find yourself with a carpet floor, then worry not, you can still push the massage chair in the same way!

The only difference is that you need to push it down further, and tilt it up more to help find the balance.

Once you have found the balance, you will be able to push it forward.

Alternatively, you can lift your massage chair from the sides with two people.

Massage Chair Lifting Technique Two People

This is the safest way to lift any massage chair as it balances well and spreads the weight across two people.

This is perfect for if you have a carpet floor, and find it too hard to push the massage chair around.

Conclusion: Massage Chairs are Similar to a Recliner!

At the end of the day, you will notice that there are a lot of similarities between massage chairs and recliners when it comes to their size.

This means that if you have the space for a recliner in your home, then chances are you also have the space for a massage chair too.

In our example, the length and width of a massage chair was 196cm x 81cm. This massage chair is a relatively compact design model, meaning some massage chairs might be bigger than this.

On our website, this model is considered our largest massage chair, meaning any other model is definitely going to fit into your home.

However, if you do not have that space for this kind of massage chair, then I have a similar blog about smaller massage chairs, and whether they’re suitable for you!

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