Massage Chair vs Massage Therapist, What’s Better for You?

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Is there any difference when we compare a massage chair with a massage therapist?

Let’s see how a Massage Chair vs Massage Therapist plays out!

I’ll take this chance to explain which one massages you better, and which one you’d need to buy!

TLDR: A massage chair is most cost-effective in the long term. However, it might lack the precision you need if you have special underlying conditions. A massage chair is also more convenient, easier to control, and saves time.

But there’s a lot more to consider, so I’ll go in-depth and explain why you might consider buying a massage chair over visiting a massage therapist and vice versa.

What’s More Convenient? Massage Chairs or Massage Therapists?

Having a massage chair is many times more convenient than going to a masseuse.

One of our customers, Alicia, says it herself here!

To summarise, Alicia doesn’t always have the time to make an appointment while arranging daycare for her child at the same time. When people get off work, the massage therapist or masseuse has already gotten off the job too!

Finding the time to treat yourself to a massage is tough, and you don’t want to wait until the weekend to relieve some pain.

Here are some more benefits of a massage chair and why it’s so convenient!

  • You can have a massage at any time you want (before you sleep, as soon as you’re awake, or right after work)
  • You don’t need to make an appointment to have a massage in a massage chair
  • You can choose precisely what kind of massage you want with the massage chair programs
  • You don’t have to drive to any place or be stuck in traffic
  • It’s easy to control a massage chair
  • You can do other things at the same time as sitting in your massage chair, for example, watching TV

So in the convenience category, we think the clear winner is a massage chair!

Which is more expensive? Massage Chairs or Massage Therapists?

Massage chairs have upfront costs, while massage therapists are a pay-as-you-need service, so which one is better?

We ran a similar calculation on this other blog, where we figured out that over five years, massage chairs are still as cost-effective as going to a masseuse, even if you’re going only once a month!

Those calculations concluded that if you went for a massage once a month or more frequently, you would be better off buying a massage chair. If you went for a massage less than once a month, you might be better off simply visiting a masseuse.

Massage chairs get their value from being used daily for many years, which is why it’s crucial that when we consider a massage chair vs a massage therapist, we should consider how often we would use it.

As such, I’ll give this category a shared prize! Both massage chairs and masseuses are viable options, depending on how often you use them!

Does a Massage Chair Give a Better Massage Than a Massage Therapist?

The quality of your massage comes down to who you visit and what you’re used to! We have many massage chairs that suit different needs, so you need to see which one you like!

However, to try and answer this question, the best comparison we can do is by showing you what our massage chairs can do!

Our full-body massage chairs can massage from your neck to your feet, excluding your thighs. We have massage chairs with a 4D massage range, which can adjust to your back and make the experience more realistic.

This makes it perfect for anyone who just needs a massage and wants it done well.

On the other hand, if you go to a physio, masseuse, or wellness specialist for a particular issue, we advise you to try a massage chair a few times to see if it’s the right fit for you.

We have had many customers with issues such as sciatica or arthritis who have benefited from using our massage chairs. However, we have had similar people think a massage chair might not suit them.

In these cases, it is better to go to a specialist who understands your underlying conditions thoroughly.

We at Irelax have many people who love our massage chairs and say they’re much better than any masseuse they’ve had and have left the physio altogether.

But for the sake of your research, you should try one before you buy!

If you’re interested, you can visit some of our stores and see if you like any of our OGAWA massage chairs!

Visit our Massage Chair Stores

Conclusion: Massage Chairs and Masseuses Both Are Important

To make it as simple as possible, if you need a massage frequently, but don’t have any underlying conditions that need special attention, then a massage chair is definitely the choice for you.

If you have underlying conditions, then it’s best to try a massage chair to see if you get any relief. If you feel it doesn’t provide you with the best comfort, then a masseuse is a better choice.

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  1. Veronica says:

    Went to their Brisbane Showroom today. There were so many OGAWA massage chair models to choose from and try out. Their staffs Talia and Tony’s service was exceptional, the best I’ve seen. Overall a phenomenal experience.

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