What is the Best Massage Chair Brand? | Answers, History & More

This is often one of the main points to consider when buying a massage chair. Different brands have different price-points, as well as different guarantees. However, above all of this, is the importance of quality, and the difference quality makes.

However, how is someone meant to determine the quality of an experience if they haven’t tried it before? Is a 30 day guarantee enough for you to consider and get used to the massage chair?

I think above all, a massage chair’s quality can be best discerned by researching the company, and its suppliers, to find out what exactly goes into the quality of a massage chair, and why you would want to trust your body to it.

While I cannot give you an exact answer as to which the best massage chair brand is, as I have bias towards OGAWA massage chairs, what I can do is show you my reasoning behind it, and how you can apply the same framework for your own brand research.

Without further ado, I’ll go in depth about one massage chair brand, namely OGAWA, and show you how I would research a brand before buying a massage chair.

TLDR: When looking into OGAWA massage chairs, I look at how long they’ve been made for, whether or not they’re a dedicated brand of massage chairs, or simply a factory made copy, where they’re sold, and any awards or specialties that the massage chair has.

OGAWA Massage Chairs  – Researching The Best Massage Chair Brand Breakdown

The first step for us is to start off by figuring out how long they have been making the  OGAWA massage chairs for, and where they sell.

Starting in 1996, OGAWA have been designing massage chairs in Japan for the Asian market. After expanding from Japan, China and Singapore, they entered South Korea, Malaysia, Thailand, and many other countries in South East Asia.

As of now, they have over 800 stores in over 26 countries, including the USA, UK and Australia.

As a company, they invest nearly $30 Million USD in research and development across all units, and continuously work on making their massage chairs similar to home wellness products with a strong focus on health.

They even sell smaller OGAWA products which are used in one’s home for health and wellness.

From this, it’s easy to tell that this is a company which has been making massage chairs for a long time, and know how to design for someone’s health.

However, we should go deeper to try and understand what this health focus is backed by, so the next step for me is to look at any certifications or awards.  

OGAWA Massage Chairs  – Certifications and Awards

After searching online, and having also written a blog before on the multiple certifications and awards that OGAWA have received for their massage chairs, I am happy to say that as a company, OGAWA strive to create the best massage chairs for quality of life.

The certification that they have earned is the ISO 9001 standard, which is an international safety standard which has undergone third party checks to confirm if the production of these massage chairs is safe, and relevant safety features exist in all aspects of the massage chair function.


What this means for OGAWA is that their massage chairs are made with the end user in mind, and will not harm you, nor injure you under normal usage circumstances.

With this, you have the guarantee of a reputable international standards organisation that these massage chairs are safe, and fit for your family and their health.

The second credit that OGAWA has is its participation, and prize in the International Innovation Awards in 2018, getting itself known globally the Master Drive Plus massage chair.

After comparing these two, the evidence of success for OGAWA and OGAWA massage chairs becomes clear; they are a company that is dedicated to being the worlds best massage chair, and continually perform to achieve that standard.

How You Decide the Best Massage Chair Brand Is Up to You

From this evidence that I’ve seen, I know that OGAWA is a brand that aims to continuously develop its technology, and takes pride in making sure it meets all the standards it needs to.

This is important because some brands might not have these certifications, meaning there is no strict guideline or guarantee over the safety of their massage chairs.

That’s why when choosing a massage chair brand, it’s good to choose one that has all the relevant checks, and meets all the standards.

In addition to this, we recommend watching other people use the massage chairs in action, and seeing how they find massage chairs useful in their lives.

For OGAWA massage chairs, we specifically have some customer testimonials which show how our customers love to use our massage chairs. If you’re interested in that, do go check that out!

Conclusion – If You’re Unsure What the Best Brand Is, Then Visit Each Site

At the end of the day, there are many massage chair brands, but the best massage chair brand is the one that inevitably appeals to you the most. Out of many companies, no one can convince you better than yourself for what suits you best.

That’s why at Irelax Australia, we do our best to educate customers on the options available to them, and how we can best provide you with all the knowledge you need on massage chairs to best help you make a purchase decision.

If you’re trying to choose which massage chair is best rather than brand, then I have a great guide for you to help you find out which features are most important in a massage chair!

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