Considering Buying a Shiatsu Massage Chair? Read This

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Japan has been in love with Shiatsu massages for a long time, so why have Shiatsu massage chairs become so popular in Japan recently?

This is because the Shiatsu massage style is one which is super relaxing, and is easily replicated by a Shiatsu massage chair!

In two short minutes, I’ll break down what a Shiatsu massage is, and why it’s so popular!

TLDR: A Shiatsu massage chair is a massage chair that can perform the Shiatsu massage style. The Shiatsu massage style is one that uses thumbs to softly press, then turn into the body, which stretches the muscles. When considering buying a Shiatsu massage chair, it’s important to consider whether or not this Shiatsu mode is adjustable, and see what other features it can do.

But don’t just stop there, let me introduce you to the concept of Shiatsu massages!

What is a Shiatsu Massage?

A Shiatsu massage is a soft, relaxing massage which uses kneading, tapping, pressing and stretching to help relieve stress and reduce fatigue. In comparison to many other massages, the Shiatsu massage doesn’t rely on oil, and is normally done through clothes.

It’s one of the lighter massages which is easy for anyone to enjoy!

If you have visited a Shiatsu masseuse, then you might know that the massage mainly relies on the masseuse using their thumbs to first press into your body, then quickly turn to the side, often done one after another.

Imagine a kneading massage, however only with thumbs!

If that’s a bit hard to visualize, then have a look at this gif I’ve just recorded showing you the main different between kneading and Shiatsu.

Difference between kneading massage and shiatsu massage gif

Because the main driver of force comes from the thumbs rather than the palm or knuckles, the massage is more precise, however softer than a regular massage.

Because of this, it’s suitable for a daily schedule, as a great way to relax after work.

Why is the Shiatsu Massage Chair So Popular?

Shiatsu massage chairs are so popular because they give you that soft, relaxing massage from home, in addition to the airbag massages that you’re familiar with in a massage chair. No matter what your pain tolerance is, everyone can enjoy a massage without feeling in pain or getting bruised. In comparison to a Thai massage, this massage is aimed at helping reduce stress and relieving tension throughout your body’s main joints.

There’s actually a really good post on Quora from Simon Henderson about the differences between the two, so if you want to learn more about the differences between Thai and Shiatsu massages, then this is an incredible resource.

If you are tired from work, or just sore from a long day of hard work, then this sort of massage is perfect at the end of the day to calm down and relax. Because this is relatable to nearly everyone, it’s no surprise that the Shiatsu massage chair is as popular as it is.  

How Often Should I Have a Shiatsu Massage?

Shiatsu massages are the type of massage where you can get one done daily. Because the massage technique is relatively soft, it is great to have one daily. It is recommended to go for a Shiatsu massage daily because it will help improve sleep, reduce stress, and increase wellness overtime.

With a Shiatsu massage chair, this becomes super simple, as it’s right in your home!

You can either use it in the morning after a sleep, or you can use it before you go to bed. Personally, I prefer getting a Shiatsu massage just before I go to bed, then sleep feeling nice and relaxed.

Which Shiatsu Massage Chair is the Best Shiatsu Massage Chair?

One of our most popular models, the OGAWA Master Drive Plus, is known for its Shiatsu massage style, which feels super nice, and is adjustable!

Check this slider below and see what I mean.

OGAWA Master Drive Plus Screen Manual Mode Shiatsu Massage Chair Style 1
OGAWA Master Drive Plus Screen Manual Mode Shiatsu Massage Chair Adjustable Width Style 2
OGAWA Master Drive Plus Screen Manual Mode Shiatsu Massage Chair Shiatsu and Kneading Style

From these pictures, the Shiatsu massage mode has two variations, and can be used in combination with some other massage modes, such as the kneading massage mode!

The best part is that you can adjust the intensity and the width of the Shiatsu massage, which gives you the ability to get right in between the shoulder blades, while also caressing the wider side of your lower back.

Because of all the ways you can control this massage, I personally think this is the best Shiatsu massage chair I’ve ever come across.

If you’re interested, I have also linked this right below, so do check it out!

Is a Shiatsu Massage Chair Right For You?

To answer this, here’s a list of common questions which might relate to you. People who have bought from us before tend to have these problems, so if you find yourself saying yes to these questions, chances are a Shiatsu massage chair is best for you!

  • Do you feel extremely drained after work, and find it hard to relax?
  • Do you prefer soft, gentle massages?
  • Do you feel like you have poor posture?
  • Do you find that sleeping doesn’t help you recover energy?

The Shiatsu massage chair is best for people who feel a general lack of energy in their body, or suffer from poor sleep quality. Paired with the massage chair’s airbag massages, the Shiatsu massage chair not only helps blood circulate around your body, but loosen the muscles in your back which are often very tight, and have minimal blood flow.

If this sounds like you, then I’m confident that you would like a Shiatsu massage chair.

Conclusion: Shiatsu Massage Chairs are the Daily Wellbeing Massage Chair Routine You Need!

Shiatsu massage chairs are the best way for anyone who needs that daily massage relief to relax, without needing to go out of their way to book an appointment. While you could go and find a Shiatsu massage masseuse, chances are that they are hard to find, or are far from you!

A Shiatsu massage chair is the perfect way to relax at home, and help your body recover from stress and pain! The massage chair referenced in this, the OGAWA Master Drive Plus, does an incredible job at a Shiatsu massage, but also has so many other features.

So if you’re interested, why not check out the product page at all of its features!

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