Are There Any Small Massage Chairs? Your One-Stop Guide to Size and Space!

Family Inada Vita Body Care Massage Chair

If you’ve considered buying a massage chair, then you’ve probably also thought about the space it’ll take up. You’ve probably then looked for a small massage chair, or anything relatively compact.

While many massage chair companies write the size of their massage chairs down, it’s not really the easiest to imagine.

So how do you go about knowing what massage chair size is both small, and will fit you?

In this blog, I’ll try to cover some key points to consider in massage chairs that save space in their design.

So let’s get to breaking that down!

TLDR: Massage chairs have two measurements, one when they’re standing upright, and one when they’re reclined back. It’s important to know how much space from the wall is needed, and it’s important to know how far the legs can extend.

What is Considered a Small Massage Chair?

A small massage chair is one that is relatively compact, and takes up as minimal space as possible.

From a measurement point of view, there are two measurements which are more important than the rest, those being the width and the space required from the wall.

Typically speaking, a small massage chair is one that is 75cm wide or less, and requires less than 10cm space from the wall.

Some massage chairs have simply smaller builds, with smaller dimensions and massage chair tracks, while others reduce the amount of space they take up to give you more space in a smaller area.

When we’re looking at a massage chair that gives the best of both worlds, we’d want to choose a massage chair like the latter.

These ones tend to have very thin framing, as compared to thicker framed models. This is often combined with having less cushioning on the massage chair altogether to save space.

To compare, here is a photo of two massage chairs side by side. One being the OGAWA Cosmo X Massage Chair and the other being the Irelax Smart Deluxe.

OGAWA Cosmo X massage chair
Irelax Smart Deluxe Massage Chair

The beauty of the OGAWA Cosmo X massage chair (crème and black) lies in the design, which is made to be as space efficient as possible. While the lessened cushion does mean you get a relatively firmer massage, for many people this is an incredibly good thing.

What’s the Smallest Massage Chair?

For people who might live in apartments, or just generally don’t have much space, another great consideration that I would recommend is the Family Inada Vita Massage Sofa.

When you first see this, you’ll thing to yourself, “is this really a massage sofa?”

We promise it is, so don’t be fooled too easily!

The Family Inada Body Vita Massage Sofa is one of our most luxurious massage chairs, which acts just like a relaxing bed. It’s made to simulate the experience of sitting across the pool at a luxury spa, all at the comfort of your very own home! In comparison to every other model, it is smaller, more lightweight, and easier to move!

I’d recommend this Family Inada Vita massage chair video that we recently recorded which shows it in action!

A Small Massage Chair Comparison Sheet

It might be hard to compare all the models in one place, so I’ve chosen the top four models which irelax have!

Here’s a quick comparison of all of our small size massage sofa’s and massage chairs, going from smallest to largest.

1: Family Inada Vita Body Care Massage Chair

  • Width: 61cm
  • Height: 78cm
  • Length: 111cm when upright, 138cm when reclined

2: OGAWA MYSofa Massage Sofa

  • Width: 65cm
  • Height: 105cm when upright, 88cm when reclined
  • Length: 93.5cm when upright, 143cm when reclined

3: OGAWA Genix Hybrid Massage Sofa

  • Width: 71cm
  • Height: 102.3cm when upright, 79.3cm when reclined
  • Length: 120.5cm when upright, 148cm when reclined

4: OGAWA Cosmo X Massage Chair

  • Width: 74.5cm
  • Height: 112cm when upright, 80cm when reclined
  • Length: 150cm when upright, 174cm when reclined

If you want to compare some of our larger models, then we’ve also made a page dedicated to comparing massage chair models just for you!

We’ve got experts on small massage chairs, and every other kind of massage chair too

Finding the right massage chair can be tough, and it’s often hard to know what you need without the right advice.

We’ve got a team of experts ready to help you with all your massage chair needs. Whether its about size, speciality or price, we know what would help you best!

We can provide you with more information about the best place to fit a massage chair, where it can go, and cover all the other aspects all to make your experience easier!

Reach out to us on + 61 1800 296 866 and we can get things done quick!

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