What Massage Chair is Best for You? Here’s our Recommendations!

OGAWA Master Drive AI massage chair

Chances are that you want to buy a massage chair online, or just want to do your research beforehand, but are unsure what the real difference between each massage chair is.

Trust me, I’ve been there.

That’s exactly what this blog is here to help you with!

As someone that has worked with massage chairs for a long time, we know how important it is to choose the right fit for you.

The worst feeling that anyone can have is when they buy something and are not happy with the outcome.

It is a gut-wrenching feeling that just leaves a bad taste.

So today, I’m going to explain what each massage chair feels like, and which one would be best suited for you!

Without further ado, let’s begin!

Our Newest Massage Chair: The OGAWA Master Drive AI Massage Chair

Instead of saving the best for last, why not take it to the front?

Our OGAWA Master Drive AI massage chair is the best massage chair we have. It’s got a comfortable frame that fits people of all heights and widths, and comfortably presses against your body.

Whether you like your massage firm or soft, this massage chair can deliver on all aspects!

OGAWA Master Drive AI massage chair

The maximum height I would recommend for this chair is 6’3, and the shortest height I would recommend is 4’8. If you exceed 115kg, then you might find this massage chair to be a tight squeeze, otherwise anyone else could quite comfortably fit into this chair.

In terms of all the functions you could need, this massage chair delivers well beyond your expectations.

It can give you a customised massage with its special ‘smart massage’ mode, which uses the built in handle to give you a relaxing, soothing massage.

It is an upgrade from everything else on the market, and has all the features which back it.

If you’re looking for the best massage chair, then this massage chair is definitely it.

There’s no doubt about that!

Our Most Popular Massage Chair: The OGAWA Master Drive Plus

This massage chair is the predecessor to our latest OGAWA Master Drive AI, but it’s still no joke!

As our firmest massage chair in the luxury range, it can help unwind, click, and loosen all those muscles that really need it.

The physical appearance and capabilities of this massage chair are very similar to that of our Master Drive AI, however the difference this massage chair carries is the strength and power it has.

It differs from any massage chair in the amount of pressure it pushes on your body. It can push the furthest out from its massage chair track, giving you that deep tissue massage feeling you might be looking for.

It also comes with a simple built in massage panel for you to choose from 21 available massage modes.

Compared to everything else available out there, this massage chair offers more power, massage mode choice, and capabilities.

It is simply one of the best choices.

Our Best Value Massage Chair: The OGAWA Smart Reluxe

If you like the feeling of something digging into your back and shoulders to untangle all those loose knots directly, then this is the perfect massage chair for you.

In comparison to all the other massage chairs, this one has the least amount of cushioning, giving the rollers on the massage chair a more direct contact with your back.

It is here where its important to mention that if you prefer soft massages, this massage chair might not be the most suitable.

It is firm, it will dig into your back, and it will make you feel super relaxed if you can handle the rollers being so direct.

This massage chair shines on its neck massage, as its rollers feel like they almost grab your neck, and roll along it.

It delivers one of the most direct, massages that work best on the neck. Personally, I would choose to sit in this over any other massage chair if I had to only massage my neck. However, that would ruin the point of a massage chair, wouldn’t it!

Our Modern Massage Chair: The OGAWA Cosmo-X

As the mix between all of these massage chairs, mixed into one sleek design, the Cosmo-X massage chair is the new and improved version of the Smart Reluxe.

If you want a more cushioned, but tight fit experience, then this is perfect for you.

Unlike the other massage chairs, I would recommend people who are slightly shorter and thinner to choose this massage chair.

The reason for this is because it’s design is one that closes in, meaning if you are wider, you might feel more tightly snug, which might feel uncomfortable.

But if you fit in this massage chair, you’ll love all the new modern features it has. It’s arm airbags come with a soft padded dots pattern which feels cool to the touch.

It’s calf airbags are also pretty firm, giving a nice strong calf massage.

Lastly, it has a really sleek and nice remote which is so much easier to use than the Smart Reluxe’s!

Conclusion: There’s a Massage Chair for Everyone!

When you’re looking for a massage chair, the best thing to look at in my opinion is whether a massage chair fits you well.

It’s probably why you have noticed my attention to body type in this blog.

It really makes a difference!

I’m pretty tall myself, so chairs like the Cosmo-X will not fit me as well. The best I can do is let you know which one will.

In fact, I’ve made a blog dedicated to helping you choose which massage chair is best for you!

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