You Need a Massage Chair, Here’s Why | 2023 Edition

Why you need a Massage Chair

You might be familiar with massage chairs already. Maybe you’ve seen them in malls, or maybe in an airport?

But if you’re still unsure why anyone would want to buy one in the first place, then this is the blog for you!

To give you that short sweet TLDR:

  1. Massage chairs are a great way to practice daily self care
  2. Massage chairs make it easier for people who are unable to leave their house often, or people who are time poor to get the relaxation they need
  3. Massage chairs help both the body and the mind relax

That might answer your question, but allow me to take you on a journey to understand why exactly massage chairs matter!

The History of a Massage Chair, and the Underlying Health Theory of Yangsheng

To understand why people even thought of making a massage chair in the first place, it’s a good idea to understand the principle of Yangsheng.

In academia, Yangsheng is an ancient Chinese term for health and wellbeing as a routine, and a lifestyle (Englehardt, 2000). In practise, people live their lives in ways which work around their bodies, such as incorporating good forms of exercise or self-care as part of a daily routine.

One example of this is seen in Tai-Qi, where it serves as a form of exercise, meditation, and stretching all in one (Harvard Health, 2022). The health benefits gained from exercises and practises like these include increased flexibility, reduced stress and stress related pain, improved sleep, and better bodily recovery.

Knowing how great Tai Qi is for you, what does this have to do with massages and massage chairs anyways?

Massages have been used for generations to help improve one’s health

Just like Tai Qi, massages have been used to improve the health and wellbeing of people for many generations now. It is another form of relaxation, that is also used to help improve the health of many people.

Massages have helped millions of people reduce their pain, stress, blood levels, cortisol levels, and helped reduce and ease some of the symptoms of ailments such as sciatica, herniated discs, arthiritus, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and more.

In addition, massages help people feel relaxed, stimulate endorphins, and help increase blood circulation throughout the body.

You get the same benefits as Tai Qi, while also feeling much more relaxed and cozier afterwards.

However, unlike the past, getting a massage done is much harder, and much more infrequent. Under the Yangsheng practice, how can someone get the massages they would need daily, or every other day, when they cannot go for a massage as often?

Enter: The Invention and Use Case of Massage Chairs in Daily Life

Here’s some of the underlying reasons a massage chair was invented in the first place. It’s no surprise that people need massages, especially with people who have underlying conditions.

People who often suffer from sciatica pain, herniated discs, or even arthritis are simply unable to conveniently go for the massage they need to or require help to do so.

Some people might even be just tired from work, a long day is super draining, and you don’t really want to do anything afterwards, right?

So why not bring the relaxation home to you, in a massage chair!

Our team have made a video about this topic too, so if you’re interested, have a quick look!

Make your massage chair your chance to relax daily

For us in the modern day, we’re tired, we’re time poor, and often find it hard to take care of ourselves. As I said earlier, many of us also suffer from underlying conditions.

Because of this, it’s so important to give yourself the chance to relax, and learn to treat yourself properly.

Here’s one of our customer testimonials who’s bought, and used our OGAWA Master Drive Plus massage chair, and now uses it daily.

Case Study: How Shannon Used Her Massage Chair to Help Her Sore Muscles

Shannon had been suffering from muscle imbalances for nearly years since retiring as an athlete. When she had first come into the store, we remember that she wasn’t too convinced on even sitting in a massage chair.

As someone who works out, goes to the physio often, or even gets a massage done often, why would someone like Shannon need to consider using a massage chair in the first place?

The main issue is that even if you are able to go out for all these things, it’s often such a big hassle to constantly organize it, feel tired, and only get the relief you need for a moment, before needing it again the next day.

Does this sound familiar to you?

For Shannon, having a massage chair handy at home made it so that she could get the pain relief she needed, anytime she needed to, without having to change her life routine!

Conclusion: You Need a Massage Chair In Your Life

Congratulations on making it all the way here, thank you for reading this far!

To summarise the content of this blog, the main reason why anyone would want to use a massage chair is that it makes massages much more accessible to people who are tired and time poor.

People know the benefit of massages, but are unsure if a massage chair can do the same for them

I for one used to think that they were basic, and didn’t do too much. However, after trying them out myself, I was blown away. I’m not the only one who thinks that though.

Below, I’ve linked some of the testimonials that we have recorded, which show how many happy customers have used our products, and what it’s helped them with in their life!

See how OGAWA massage chairs have helped people change their life.

View our Testimonials Here

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