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Irelax began in June 2014 to bring Australian the best and most innovative professional wellness products from around the world, giving our customers the opportunity to relax and support their own wellbeing any time they want or need it.

As a company, we stand behind our key values: We put our customer first
Leader in innovation

We work with the best of the world: Family INADA, OGAWA, ROTAI, BREO, SKG. All of them are one of the top brands in the world who manufacture massage chairs or portable massagers and export to the world.

Where can I try your portable massagers or massage chairs?

You can pop into one of our retail shops as following or contact our head office: 1800 296 866to arrange an appointment

We have a selection of massage chairs available at our 10 stores nationwide.

Checking our massage chairs stock is easy! After clicking the chair color options, it will show “Available” or “Out of stock” status. It always a good idea to chat with us on the website to confirm the stock availability

We display all of our promotions on the website which are the best we can offer. However, you are always welcome to chat with us online if you have any concern.

It is definitely fine for the portable massagers. If providing the paid order number by email to or phone call, we are happy to inform the store to make your order items ready for pick up.

For massage chair is available to be picked up from our warehouse, please call 1800 296 866 with your order number to book for pick up once you place the order immediately.

Please choose carefully as we do not refund if you change your mind due to the hygiene reason. We are happy to exchange your goods with 7 days or refund in full due to health concerns accompanied with a doctor’s certificate, proof of purchase and providing the goods are in their original condition &you have the original packaging.

The main difference in a massage chair and a massage sofa comes from the features they have, and their relative size. The main size of the massage chairs are larger, and have full body massage capabilities. For example, a full body massage chair can massage your arms and feet, but not all massage sofa’s can

On the other hand, massage sofas are smaller in size, lighter, and have less capabilities than a massage chair. Some massage sofa’s might not be able to massage your feet, and no massage sofa can massage your forearms and hands.

We define a full body massage chair as a massage chair that can massage the majority of your back facing muscles from your neck to your feet. Our full body massage chairs can massage your neck, shoulders, back, waist, hips, the top side of your glutes, your calves and your feet.

Some massage chairs have special features, such as being able to massage your knees from the side. However, this is not seen in all full body massage chairs.

A 4D massage chair is a massage chair that allows you to control how deep the massage rollers push into your body. On our massage chairs, you can adjust the 4D setting with the Navi 4D dial on the massage chair, or on the screens.

This allows you to control how far the rollers push into your body, and can help you change between a firmer and a softer massage.

Our massage chairs all come with a three year warranty, and all of our massage sofa’s come with a two year warranty.

Yes, we have free shipping nationwide on all of our massage chairs and massage sofas!

Yes we do! In fact, we’re the only licensed seller of OGAWA massage chairs in Australia! When you’re looking for the OGAWA brand of massage chairs, you can view their official site, where they have us linked as their exclusive retailers.

If you see other OGAWA massage chairs being sold, then it is highly likely that they are not doing so through official channels licensed by OGAWA, as we maintain an exclusive selling arrangement with OGAWA for OGAWA massage chairs!

We can provide this service in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, however this is not free. If you want to have someone install the massage chair for you, then you will need to contact us for a quote and we can send someone over.

Not at all! You’d actually find it easier to set up your massage chair than you would setting up a TV! The support team at Irelax will be more than willing to help you through the installation process through contacting us. We can provide guidance videos, and have a call to instruct you if you are unsure of any step in the process of installing your massage chair or massage sofa!

Sitting in a massage chair helps keep muscles engaged with the massage, which can help increase the bloodflow in your body. Because our massage chairs are full body massage chairs, you’ll be able to feel a massage from your neck all the way to your feet, getting that full body relaxation and helping blood ease around the body.

Massage chairs can be sat in many times a day as they have recommended massage sessions of only 15 minutes per massage. However, this can easily be adjusted. The massage chairs themselves do not massage a single spot for a continuous 15 minutes, but rather cycle through different phases. This is often why many massage chairs have a morning, midday and evening mode as they can recommend having up to 3 x 15 minute massages a day to help you stay in peak condition.

One of the main disadvantages of a massage chair comes from the space it can take up. Like any regular chair, it is a piece of furniture, which means you do need to have the space in your home or office, and have the means to get the massage chair in that space in order to use it.

We have so many full body massage chairs on our website to choose from, but there is no one specific definition of ‘the best massage chair’. The reason for this is because no matter who sits in the massage chair, everyone has a different body size and shape, which affects the quality of your massage. Factors to consider when you’re going for a massage chair is its suitability for your height, shoulder width, your muscle and body sensitivity, and more.

Studies have shown that usage of massage chairs has led to decreased stress levels, chronic stress in adults and a reduction in serum cortisol. These outcomes are extremely similar to those of a regular massage, showing that their usage can be likened to going out for an extra massage. The main difference comes from the actual feel of the massage chair itself.

Massage chairs can last up to 10 years assuming that they are being treated in the right condition with proper usage. Sometimes the massage chairs might need servicing, but otherwise a massage chair can comfortably have a long lifetime.

Repair and Warranty

Firstly, please refer to the trouble shooting instruction in the user manual book to see if the problems could be solved easily. If there is still something wrong with the chairs, feel free to contact the salesperson who sell the chair to you, they will help to lodge the repair enquiry or alternatively you can contact us at +61 3 8518 4105 or email us at with a description of the chair problem. Would be great if you can attach a video showing the fault in the email for our technician to inspect before visiting your place.

Or you can login your account on website, if you purchase from our store, the user name is the email address you left to us, password is “password”. You can see your massage chair information, when warranty starts and expires and book a service etc.

Portable massagers: 1 year mechanical warranty

Massage chairs & Massage sofas: 2 years mechanical warranty including parts and labour. Extended warranty options can be purchased when you purchase the massage chair.

You can wipe the surface by a baby wipe normally, and we suggest let the massage chair has a break for every 1 hour using to avoid overheating.

We have service plan available for you to purchase to ensure your massage chair in a good condition and has a long service life. Recommend for the first service is 6 months after the chair is delivered and then service it annually after the first service. Bookings are essential for all services, feel free to contact us at +61 3 8518 4105 or email us for more information to book a massage chair service.


We accept most of the payment options in the market, you can either pay by eftpos, credit card or through our finance plan like Humm, GEM visa etc. You can chat with us on the website or contact head office at +61 3 8518 4105 or email to for more details.


Please note, we always try our best to dispatch the orders as soon as we can, you will receive a tracking link once the order is dispatched.


Portable Massagers
The order will be dispatched from our Melbourne warehouse within 3 working days and will be couriered to your shipping address by Courier Post. Normally the parcel will be couriered within 5-10 working days (rural areas allow extra 1 working day). Free shipping applied.

Massage Chairs
After placing the massage chair order, you will be contacted when we are planning to deliver your chair. It normally takes within 5-10 working days and the installation video will be sent. Saturday, Sunday and AU public holidays are not counted during the delivery.


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