Massage Chair interest free Financing made easy

With a $20 refundable deposit, we can help you get interest free financing

Reason 1: Lock in your massage chair price

Buy with certainty when you’re buying a massage chair. To make sure you get the deal in time, and lock it in from the moment you begin your massage chair purchase, this $20 refundable deposit helps make that process easier.

Reason 2: You’re not paying any extra for your massage chair

This deposit goes towards your massage chair, and will not be added on. Meaning when you pay the $20 for the deposit here, you will have the same $20 removed off the price of the massage chair, making this option much easier for you.

Reason 3: Get out friendly customer support team to help you

We’ll support you in applying for a loan with our friendly customer support team. Applying for an interest free loan for the first time can be difficult, so we’ll help make this process easier. If the process does not go through, then the customer support team will send you back your $20 refundable deposit.

When you buy with Irelax, we can make the payment process relaxing too

Don’t worry about having to apply for a loan for the first time, or worrying about you’ll have to prepare. Our friendly customer support team will make buying your massage chair a simple and easy process.