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The Massage Chair that combines technology, innovation, and healthcare all in one - The OGAWA Master Drive A.I

Approx. $86.6/week on 36 months interest-free.


Discover the OGAWA Master Drive Plus 2.0 4D massage chair. Offering AI Pain Detection, unique body-shape massages. Safety and relaxation redefined.

Approx. $82.05/week on 36 months interest-free.


Meet one of the best massage chairs of the OGAWA Master Drive series, the Master Drive Plus delivers quality massages over your entire body

Approx. $62.9/week on 36 months interest-free.


Experience unparalleled relaxation with the OGAWA Master Sensei Massage Chair. Engineered with advanced 4D technology and AI Pain Detection for a tailored massage. Shop now!

Approx.$57 / week on 36 months interest free.


Enjoy your personal massage chair capsule with the Cosmo massage chair, Australia's sleekest massage chair design to date.

Approx. $43.6/week on 36 months interest-free.

Massage Chairs

OGAWA Smart Deluxe


Unlock exclusive $3000 savings on the Ogawa Smart Deluxe Massage Chair. Transform your relaxation with advanced features designed for luxury.

Approx. $32/week on 36 months interest-free.


Experience the future of wellness with OGAWA's latest innovation, the Sonic-X massage chair.

Approx. $35 /week on 36 months interest-free.


Get all the features of a premium massage chair in a compact build, at a bargain price! No wonder this chair is Irelax's most sold massage chair!

Approx. $31.1/week on 36 months interest-free.

The Most Relaxing Massage Sofa in Australia

Are massage chairs too big for you, or do you want a massage chair that’s like a recliner? Why not have a look at our massage sofa’s then?


Get yourself a massage bed that sits on the floor, Japanese style, and relax in luxury at the same time with the sleek Vita Massage Sofa

Approx. $29/week on 36 months interest-free.

Massage Sofa

OGAWA Mysofa Luxe


Experience Premium Comfort Right at Home! Our compact and versatile MYsofa Luxe is effortlessly accommodating various body types.

Approx. $19.22/week on 36 months interest-free.


Want to get similar features to a massage chair for a quarter of the price? Then definitely check out the Genix, a hybrid of a massage chair and sofa

Approx. $20.6/week on 36 months interest-free.

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