Body Massager

Your All Purpose Body Massager

We’ve got just the right body massagers for you to make any experience at home a relaxing one. Don’t have the space for a massage chair? Then just get a portable body massager instead!


The iEnjoy 4D Elastic Massage Cushion provides a deeper and more intimate massage.

Approx. $24.88/week on 8 weeks interest-free.


Don't fall for those thin massage cushions, get yourself a proper portable massage chair, and turn any couch or office chair into a relaxing one

Approx. $56.12 / week on 8 weeks interest-free.


Seamlessly loosen your back muscles, and relax with the lightweight portable kneading back massager, brought to you by Breo.

Approx. $18.6 / week on 8 weeks interest-free.


Enjoy the soft tapping massage gun that presses into muscles softly, the iFancy massage tapper | The easiest way to show someone a massage gun

Approx. $24.75 / week on 8 weeks interest-free.

Unlock the ultimate relaxation experience with our exclusive collection of body massagers. Every product in our range is meticulously crafted to cater to the diverse needs of your body, offering therapeutic relief from daily stresses. Whether you’re looking to target specific muscle groups or indulge in a holistic relaxation session, our body massager selection is the ideal companion for those moments of self-care.

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